Early in our planning to try and live on the road for years we decided to attempt to tailgate at every NFL Stadium. There are thirty-two teams and thirty-one stadiums. (The New York Giants and the New York Jets play in one stadium and it's in New Jersey.) We may go to some games, but the real idea is to share in some of the football fans' local traditions, food and camaraderie that is the essence of tailgating. It seems like a good way to meet people around the country.

Tailgating at 31 Stadiums

Tailgating at 31 Stadiums

There was a moment this year when we thought we were not going to be able to tailgate at all.

However the moon and stars aligned themselves and it turns out we will be able to make it to two stadiums this year. 

More football themed food recipes, drinks, fashions, vehicle decor and fun coming your way soon.

Schedule for NFL Tailgating 2015

Week 4

October 4

Week 14

December 10

As seen on TV...

Below is an interactive map with pictures and links to the stories and galleries of the stadiums we have visited so far. We have had so much fun meeting and partying with all of you.

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