#11 of 31: Century LInk Field, Seattle, Washington

October 14, 2012


It was a perfect day...for Seattle. The city lay under a bank of low, gray clouds, with rain threatening as we began our morning of tailgating with the Seahawk fans.

Century LInk Field, Seattle, Washington

Before 7:00 AM, the side-streets, alleys and commercial lots spread-out south of the stadium, were filling up with merry-makers — many having spent the night there. Beneath huge, orange dockside gantry cranes, fan vans were gathering, party tents were being pitched and flags were unfurling. Decor, props and trend-setting fashions in Seahawks colors of navy blue, gray with a swirl of “Action Green”1 flooded the area know as Hawk Alley (Utah Avenue S.). The heavenly aromas of savory slabs of meat grilling filled the air. At last, we are back tailgating where we belong.

PHOTO GALLERY: Seahawks Fans Early Morning


The drink of the day seemed to be plain vodka, team colored, jello shooters. We were offered many. Bernie slid one down. Tears came to his eyes and he managed to gurgle out a single syllable, “WOW!” Beer is served everywhere in anonymous “Action Green” Solo Cups.

Century LInk Field, Seattle, WashingtonAt the stadium itself, the North Lot is open for tailgating, but the NO ALCOHOL Rule is strictly enforced by roaming bands of uniformed personnel. So, most of the pre-game festivitie s are pretty much found in the off-site parking lots and streets, or in the dozen or so sports bars that surround Century Link Field.

Maybe it’s the unending, looming rain clouds that drive people indoors instead of tailgating, or maybe it’s the unfriendly policies (No ball throwing, no corn-hole games, no alcohol, no smiling...) in the stadium's big North Lot. While there were a few tailgaters in one corner, the lot was mostly empty an hour before the game. It should have been full of happy people enjoying the joyous sense of community that fandom at a hometown football game can bring.

PHOTO GALLERY: Seahawks Fans Mid Morning



Century LInk Field, Seattle, WashingtonBars, though, are filled to over capacity. We enjoyed our traditional pre-game cheeseburger at FX McCroys, where along with serving an excellent Kobe Beef Burger they promote, “The worlds largest collection of bourbons.” We checked out several other bars that draw big crowds on game-days, including, McCoy’s Firehouse, Swannies (where ex-pat Redskins Fans gather), Elysian Fields, Pyramid Alehouse, Seattle’s Historic Triangle Pub, The Hawks Nest and Jimmy’s on First.  It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

Century LInk Field, Seattle, WashingtonOff-site tailgating was in full swing... just spread out. One group we hung with was the Hawk One Tailgate, a great group of people who tailgate together in Hawk Alley under the cranes. Their van, the Hawk One, is a pristine work of art and features a row of seats from the old Kingdome and a Seahawks players Ring of Honor.

Century LInk Field, Seattle, Washington

This group takes the time to give back to the community, sponsoring and promoting charitable events. Note the Brats for Breasts Campaign.

Happily, they were serving a Tailgate Tidbit that will forever be ranked as the BEST TAILGATE SNACK EVER!

Steve’s Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Buns



PHOTO GALLERY: Seahawks Fans Late Morning


As game time approached, we watched the fans stream into the stadium. The most prevalent team jersey sported the number 12, with the player name Fan over it. The Twelfth man on Seahawks is proud and loud. Tailgating is alive, well and excellent in Seattle. Internet research does not support this, but trust us, it’s there beyond the stadium, and it’s great. Come early and enjoy...and if it’s raining check out one of the many team bars.

Century LInk Field, Seattle, Washington

Final: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23

1 From NIKE, the uniform designers: “The new uniform colors are rooted in Seattle’s own environmental hues - the deep blue of the ocean water that tucks into the harbor near downtown and the Seahawks’ stadium. The new color addition called Action Green represents the green of the ubiquitous trees, ferns and moss literally covering the Pacific Northwest landscape. This brighter shade of green is designed to provide a pop of color on the uniform just as the vibrant bright greens pop in the rain-soaked environment. The Wolf Grey color accents complete the combination, an embodiment of the ever-changing clouds overhead that bring rain and life to the area. Lastly, bright white accents the uniform just as the snow capped peaks of the Olympic and Mt. Rainier accent the skyline around Seattle.”


My daughter, Julie Watson, is an avid Seahawks fan and is one of the people you met while tailgating in Seattle.   I was in Seattle 2 yrs ago at @ New Years and was able to tailgate with Julie and Sam for the Seahawks/Rams game.  For me a native Floridian (even though I lived in Georgia for 32 yrs) it was TOO COLD for tailgating! Your pics of Seattle were great.  I was used to tailgating in a parking lot not at the port of Seattle.


Hey Peg....I just love seeing all the different stadiums. I really envy you guys. Enjoy the ride and keep them photos comin' .....  :0)

Marty (your friendly security guy @ Arrowhead.)

Hi , I just met you today at the enterprise office in Kent.  So happy  I found your site and the stories of your travels.  It's just wonderful that your beautiful  dog can share it with you.


Glad to see you and Bernie are still having fun.  He is still the best computer teacher I ever had.



It sounds like people like to part more than watching the game. Everyone had a good time.


This drum line rocks!!! Go Peg and Bernie - trying to imagine cinnamon buns wrapped in bacon????


Cindy in DC

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