1 of 31: Tailgating at The Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Stadium

October 10, 2010

Buffalo Bills Blowup DollToday we began our quest to tailgate at all 31 Stadiums in the NFL. Fittingly we started in Buffalo where we should be fans because they are the only team that actually plays in New York.

Well, that was fun! I mean deep, deep fun. 70,000 really nice people cooking, eating, drinking and sharing.  The fans were devoted, appropriately dressed in red and blue, extreme, proud and gourmet cooks to boot. 

For RVers one stadium parking lot opens up up at 8:00 AM the day before the game and you can stay parked there until the afternoon of the day after the game($50.00 for the whole time) By mid-afternoon on Saturday before Sunday’s game we were in wall-to-wall campers, barbecue grills, costumed dogs and friendly fabulous fans. 

Kenny Johnson Pinto Man

One party on Sunday, Kenny’s Tail Gate Party was an unbelievable event thrown by the Bill’s #1 Fan, Kenny Johnson, or Pinto Man, Pinto Kenny... He parks his Ford Pinto in Lot 1 and grills food directly on the hood of his car. His cookware is far from ordinary. An army helmet is used to deep fry chicken wings, bacon is grilled on an old saw, Pizza is cooked in a file cabinet and pancakes are made on a shovel. Hubcaps, paint roller trays, and garden shears play an important part in his cuisine prep. Cooking is also done inside an old mailbox.

I hope our experience counts as REAL Buffalo Bills Tailgating because the weather was absolutely beautiful.  From watching Bills’ games on TV we are well aware that Buffalo can have some of the worst weather in the country. (In fact the Jets game last week was played in a biblical downpour) The Buffalo fans are amazing... and sadly so devastated when their team lost to the Jaguars. 

Some tasty items we enjoyed as we wondered around the parking lots:

Adele’s Kahlúa ShootersGrilled Redskins: (From DC, I gotta like the name) To see the picture is to  know the recipe. OK, OK, slice a redskin potato, slather it with butter, sprinkle with seasoned salt , wrap in tinfoil and cook on grill until done.

Terry’s Chicken Wings aka The Harrisburg Specials: The best chicken wings I have ever tasted... Terry barbecued  them with a sauce of ketchup, honey, apple cider vinegar, pepper, cumin, Worcestershire sauce and 1 can Goya adobe peppers

Kielbasa steeped in beer, sliced and served with honey mustard for dipping.

Adele’s Kahlúa Shooters: Instant chocolate pudding and Kahlúa. We’ll be making these soon.

We have posted 155 photographs of the Tailgating Party of the 1000 we took. Except for the people who were there that is far too many for anyone to look at. Click here for all 155 captioned photos,

For the rest of you here are 23 pictures for you to see. They include the hood of Kenny’s pinto, another shirtless Canadian (really great guy), the effigy burning of former Bill’s QB, Trent Edwards and the bowling ball from which some drink shots.

This is a cool movie of the burning of an effigy of former Bills QB, Trent Edwards.

We will be in the Buffalo area for another week or so. If anyone has suggestions for great things to do or eat we would love to hear from you.

Final: Bills 26, Jaguars 36