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“I'll Be Home for Christmas”

December 24, 2013

At a recent party, the hostess asked us to share our favorite Christmas memory. I came up with something nice and upbeat. That's because every time I try to tell my real favorite Christmas memory I blubber like a baby.

I know Christmas 1944 is my most haunting.

Christmas 1944

My father was shipping out as a navigator on the aircraft carrier Belleau Wood to fight in the Pacific Theater. The night before Christmas he was able to get a long distance call through to us. I couldn't understand why Mom was crying as she put me on the phone... Through static and a weakening connection my dad sang to me. "I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams... "

Sometimes I could hear him, and sometimes it was just fuzz...

Sweet story. So sorry that we missed you at Christmastime this year. Hugs to you and Bernie.

Amy S.

Those who were born before we got into the Second World War (me and you for sure) had such unusual beginnings. I have no memory of my dad until he returned from the Pacific. Thought he was rather scary in his big dark US Navy overcoat and uniform hat- must have been hard that his only child would not hug and welcome him home (I was 4 at the time)?

Today I am so grateful that he survived the war and came home to become my daddy! My world before his return was mostly female - me, mom and my mom's mom (Nana).


Hi guys a very happy holiday season to you! I see you havent gone to Tampa yet, our new home is about an hour from the stadium. Please put us on your list when you make it to Fl. We should be in our new home late spring. Pls let us know if the 2014 season includes Tampa, we will be coming north for the early Bills season so keep us posted. Loved your Christmas story.


Beautiful Memory! Thanks for sharing that one--

so sorry to have missed you at Xan's tonite! was really looking forward to reconnecting with you, and tell you how much I have enjoyed your funny, poignant, "BIG on human interest" photos and comments--

Keep'em coming! And a Happy New Year to you!


That's a sweet memory, Peg! Thanks for sharing.


Merry Christmas Peg, I remember your mom and dad with fond memories.

Love to you and Bernie


Home is where your heart is!,Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year...

God Bless

See now you went and made me cry on Christmas Eve!! Oh well, we'll keep it between you and me. (I'm chopping onions for the crab cakes - doing the Italian 7 fishes -- so no one needs to know.)

This time of year is such a mix of emotions. But, a complex tapestry is the sign of a life well lived. Have a wonderful Christmas and give that big lug a hug for me.


Peg I'm crying. Thank God your Dad's dreams came true and he came home for many more Christmases 


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