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Walking Around Santa Fe, NM
April 5 - 15, 2012

April 30, 2012

Santa Fe--SelfHaving not owned a car since 1993, we are big fans of public transportation and Santa Fe’s is excellent. We were able to ride the bus in and out of town on several occasions. Great, because one of our favorite things to do is walk around a new town. Living in a small motor home means we don’t do much shopping, but we enjoy looking in the windows, eating out and meeting people. For instance the two women behind us in our POD1 are 2 of 7 sisters that are in Santa Fe for the 50th birthday of the one in green. Whenever one of the sisters has a decade birthday they all get together - like in the South of France, Italy or Santa Fe - to celebrate the occasion. There was a wedding within the group happening as well.

On our last day of walking around and visiting the art museum, we decided to do a bit of “cocktailing” and grazing downtown. Passion fruit margaritas were our drink of choice. The bars we visited, The Shed and The Inn of the Anasazi were both tourist venues off The Plaza, but the season had not yet begun, so most of the people we talked to were local.

A professor, a poet (on her way to Ireland), an earth mover, a sculptor and a blowhard...they all enlivened our little walk-about and enhanced our appreciation of the town, its art museum and the food. BTW: There was a space inside the art museum where the public was invited to chalk on the walls. I did. She is my third graffiti girl, “Commanding”

Even the bus ride home Friday night was full of lively people, with the exception of one who just stared into the night space outside the bus window.

While in Santa Fe, we stayed at the Trailer Ranch RV Park on Cerrillos Road. There was a hard part... the day before Easter I twisted my ankle in a Pot Hole while photographing The San Miguel Chapel. The chapel is part of a project to locate and photograph some of the sites Timothy O’Sullivan photographed after the Civil War. After all, we do have a dog named Timothy O’Sullivan...Sully to those of you who know him.

Anyway, I could not walk for almost a week. I did manage to meet up with the street artist, Roaes, and  paint my second graffiti girl-on-property down by the rail yard. He was very helpful as we worked side-by-side in the pouring rain.


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1 POD: Everyday, unless we forget, Bernie holds the camera out at his long arm’s length and snaps a picture of us. We have several hundred now, and some are a bit frightening and some are really cool with some great backgrounds.

Great pictures as usual.  I'm definitely living vicarious through you.  Also, who is the cowboy drinking the beer?  Remember me when you find those tall, good looking, older cowboys.

Luv and Miss you Both!


Beautiful pictures of Santa Fe--Love that town! Did you go to the History Museum?  It was fascinating and FAB!

Great chalk work too!  Looks like marvelous fun--thanks for the updates!


Love your new chalk girls Peg...when are you heading more west. Utah is truly awesome (and being British I use that word advisedly)

Love Nx

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