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Google Places and Platypie

The Open-Minded Collie

April 23, 2012

When Sully was only four months old he had already discovered how wonderful it is to meet and share nose touching, body rubbing  and butt sniffing with beings who are not just like himself.

We are so proud of our Sully and the way he embraces all mammal-kind as well as all reptile and avian-kind. Regardless of the color of their fur, the thickness of their shell or the span of their wings he considers all animals equal on this earth.

These other species must know that his mind and heart are open for they often follow him around when he comes to visit.

Sully doesn’t care whether a creature has four legs, two legs or no legs.  An animal’s method of reproduction matters not, nor does its sexual orientation or whether it worships above the water or below... or not at all.

Like us, he is curious about lifestyles and “outfits” so different from his own. Catfish, horses, cows, kitties, chickens, turtles, sheep, donkeys, mules... they are all of good form and worthy in his eyes.

He even thinks females are OK, not just OK, but totally equal. In fact he is often quite pleased about the idea... and does quite a lot of prancing and strutting and getting down on his front legs and wagging his tail when confronted with one. He absolutely considers them the same as himself.

And so it is that Sully believes in everyone and everything...yet no one and nothing, because, after all, he is a dog.

Here he comforts a little pony while her hooves are being scraped. She was grateful to have a friend near-by.

Horses often stay close to him thus providing shade on a hot afternoon.

"Let me just get you by this fin here and I'll put you back in the river."

Dixie, a NOLA carriage mule

Dixie, a NOLA carriage mule, is pleased when he returns to Jackson Square for another visit. He called upon her every morning.

When we stop beside the road, the cattle rush to the fence to visit with Sully. They gently nudge each other for a chance to touch noses with him.

Texas free range chickens

He is comforted to know these Texas free range chickens have a better life than those raised in a warehouse, but he is still considering becoming a vegetarian.

While we were in Austin this cat and Sully stopped to wish each other the best of all things every morning.

Mornings, while in Roswell, NM these young fillies, grateful for his visit, would vie for the opportunity to scratch his back.

When we first started traveling, we considered having dogs with us  a great benefit. We wrote about it here: Travels with Dogs   They seemed to enjoy seeing some of the sights around the country. Photos of Dogs on the Road

Love this Sully feature - what a loveable guy!

Hugs,  Cindy

It was a pleasure to have met Sully that day at Arrowhead. Very cool dog... :) Take care Peg.


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