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The White Camper Tour with Sully

January 29, 2013

Yep, we are inside that white box enjoying a “pink” cocktail while we wait for the coals to get hot enough for us to grill eggplant slices, portabella mushrooms and red peppers for our quesadillas.

Winnebago Outlook Tour

All nice and cozy at twilight you say, but,  “What’s it really like inside that white box?” “Do the two of you actually live in there?”

And so... for those of you who have wondered, we present:  The Tour of the White Camper.

There are two slide-outs, one in front and one in the workroom. All of the photographs below were taken with them open.

Winnebago Outlook

Two steps up, turn right and you enter what could be called the (tongue-in-cheek) great room. There is a full-size couch that flips into a double bed, and a dinette that seats four, but also drops down to make a full size single bed. We re-covered the couch in teal micro-suede a few years ago, and the dinette in a teal patterned restaurant grade fabric. The base carpeting is dark turquoise Flor tiles with an old red oriental (style) rug that once graced my mother’s entrance hall. Quite pleasant and comfortable.

Truth is, the picture below is what the room usually looks like... and often there are some shoes lying around.

Winnebago Outlook

That’s pretty much it, with the exception of the electronics. Bernie has created a home entertainment center that would make your head spin. We have an enclosed, in-motion satellite dish on the roof that also records our shows on a DVR. It is able to do this while we are driving down the road. There is also a digital HD antenna for local channels.  Tucked in and around the cabinets we have an X-Box 360, a WII and six stereo speakers inside and two outside. All of this runs on house power through an inverter even if we are boondocking.

The dinette has some storage drawers under it and there are storage compartments under the seats as well as under the couch. Beneath the window is the camera bag and a charging station for iPhones, iPads, movie camera, camera batteries, flash power packs and a flashlight.

Winnebago Outlook

The black umbilical cord behind the TV allows the screen to be moved easily from the table to a platform (Bernie and Staszek built) at the end of our bed above the driver’s compartment.

Winnebago Outlook

And here the TV on its platform at the end of the bed. That’s a full queen-sized bed and below is a view of it with the curtain open and a salmon swimming up my pillow.

Many mornings it can be wonderful to wake up and look out that big window from our bed.  Here, the Sangre de Cristo mountains around Taos, New Mexico loom.

Winnebago Outlook

Winnebago Outlook

Here is our compact and clever work room. We took out the bedroom in back and created this work, computer and art space for two. (With room for a collie underneath) The work table when fully opened is 32 square feet, enough room to hold two iMacs and get pretty creative. We spend a lot of time at this table. You can see a video of how the work table expands here: Peggy and Bernie and the Forty Drawers.

Winnebago Outlook

Winnebago OutlookThe bathroom “suite” straddles the hall between the front room and the workroom. Closing a folding door and opening the lavatory door creates a private space for showering, hair and make-up.

The skylight in the shower led us to try and grow herbs hydroponically. It just did not go well.

The section of our website titled Rations has a tour and photographs of our kitchen on it’s main page. And, of course, you actually got to see us in action cooking our Thanksgiving Dinner.

As Jackie Kennedy said during her televised tour of The White House “... [it’s] not merely a residence...” That’s for sure, in our case.

You guys tidied up a bit I see! :)



Pikey Project

You guys are amazing!


Hi kids. I have lived in things like that but never for as long as you have. They start out nice and neat and end up a disaster after a week or two :>)

I think they get one foot shorter every week.

Keep on keepin' on


Don, you cannot imagine how small it gets when we argue.


Who gets to climb all the way to the front of the bed? That was always a bone of contention.

You guys argue???? I can't imagine it :>)


Your place is fantastic Peg! Every square inch has purpose...and a Queen-sized bed no less! Love that you live as nomads with comfort and constancy(ie you don't miss Downton Abbey - which would KILL me lol

Sorry about the victory garden - maybe you'll puzzle that out too :-)

The only thing to compare is an English friend who bought a 38 ft sailboat kit(schooner aka the 'lazyjack' so she can sail solo and not rely on sailmates when she feels like going! Jane lives in the 79th st. boat basin and is in her seventies!!

Yay Peg, Bernie & Sully!!


Great read.


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