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POD: Pictures of the Day 2012

January 15, 2013

Watch our hair grow
Watch us grow older
Watch us in health and sickness.

For most of 2012 we managed to take a picture of ourselves almost everyday. We change, the backgrounds change - but sometimes our outfits stay the same for a couple of days.

Peg & Bernie, Places & Platypie

Our first Picture of the Day with Stuart

We began this project in the spring of 2011 at Jackson Square, New Orleans with artist, Stuart South. He was one of the artists selling his paintings on the fence across from St. Louis Cathedral. In the course of our conversation, he showed us how he took a picture of himself every day in the same place. We were inspired... and so the POD was born.

If you happen to notice a pic of one of us alone, it’s because the other is out of town.

Points of interest, friends, family, animals nothing is safe from being dragged between us. If you have been positioned for a POD in 2012, you will find yourself in the show below.

A year in the making. two and one half minutes in the showing.


Music by Jake Hill
Photograph of us at table with wine by Hallie Berkowitz

I am so very proud!!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your life … Miss you three also! One of these days Jon and Ryan and I are going to bring Kennedy and Morgan to visit you two on the road!!!!


If anything, you’re growing younger!


Fast action, for sure.


Took me a while to find a link to the slide show and so wanted to watch you both. Persistence pays off! How much fun to see you, and have a quick trip as well!

What a wonderful idea – but how did you ever decide which ones to keep?!

Can you believe Lena is 11 now? No mention of how old I am! I believe I have a few years on dirt at this point.
Hope that your holidays were lovely and wish you, Bernie, and Sully a healthy, happy, prosperous 2013.


WOW I loved it! I feel very privileged and special to be included in the POD (@42). I sure hope that I can make 2013 as well because I would LOVE to see you both. You could definitely lift my spirits and make me happy. Thanks for coming into my life.

Fun, love and happiness for 2013!

Kathy Schoen

What a terrific idea, and done so well! If you're driven by envy from all your friends, you should have enough to easily soldier on through all the stadiums, and all the fantastic adventures! Keep up the great work!

We're hunkered down here in the Pecan Grove with Cedar pollen hammering us, along with cold and gray. But you know Texas, it will change soon!

All the best, your friend and fan



Mikey x

I love the timelapse of you guys and her purple hair! lol


If I may be perfectly candid ...

That was f%*king awesome! 
(thoma and I said it in unison after first viewing!)

Miss you folks.



Happy New Year. Been a while since I tagged along with you two.,Just loved your POD show. Fabulous idea. You two are the coolest people I know.

We are all well here in Trailadise. 2012 was very different for us. 80's in March with a week of teens in April wiped our our apple crop. First time since 1945. Didn't open. Our Christmas tree season was a great one though.

Looking forward to a gangbuster 2013. Enjoying winter and catching up life. Will make a habit to peak in and see what you two are up to more regularly.

You look great... keep it that way.

Cheers - Marny

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