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Tow a Vehicle? Only if it’s a New Ferrari!

January 28, 2016

When we first started roaming around the country, we had visions of somehow being able to drive into cities and find parking like we used to in our old 22 foot Minnie Winnie. Back in the early 2000s we rented a space under the West Side Highway in New York City for $200 a month. We would drive around the city and "camp" on the streets pretty much any place we wanted to.

Here we are Parked next to William F. Passannante Ballfield on Houston Street - right across from FDNY Engine 24, Ladder 5.  It was as close as we could get to the site of the World Trade Center in November after Nine Eleven.

Maybe, the Winnebago we have been traveling in for the past seven years cannot do this at all. Somehow just being seven feet longer changed the dynamic completely. We are no longer nimble, and maneuvering in urban traffic can be quite harrowing.

Every few years we reconsider purchasing a tow vehicle but then remember why we elected to travel in a motor home to start with. It was/and is about having a bathroom and a place to nap with us at all times. We also need to have our camera gear and sketching stuff close at hand. Plus our dogs should be close by… somebody has to be glad to see us.

This is not to say we don’t love a beautiful automobile when we see one tooling down the road.

Speaking of beautiful automobiles,we spent the month of December outside Phoenix, Arizona with Bernie’s car collecting cousin, Denny and his fab wife, Marilyn. They invited us to camp out next to their garage - a fifteen car garage as it turned out, and what a garage full of beauties it was!

After spending all that time with over a dozen Ferraris plus a few American classics, even Maybe, the camper, didn’t want to tow anything unless it was utterly fabulous.

There was another problem Bernie had to face. At 6’7” tall, it was like trying to fit Cinderella's glass slipper onto one of the wicked step-sister”s feet. No way the big guy was going to fit into ANY of these cars.

Below is a slideshow of some of our beautiful neighbors enjoying a sunny day in the desert.

For pictures of the brand new Ferrari being added to the collection, visit http://www.placesandplatypie.com/photos/ferrari.

The height problem solution is simple - choose one of the convertibles!


Nice cars - I want the chevy


The offspring of Bernie's cousins (with whom he shares grandparents) would be his first cousins once removed, which means they aren't in the same generation with Bernie. Second cousins (sharing great-grandparents) and third cousins (sharing great-great grandparents) are in the same generation. Grandchildren of his first cousins would be first cousins twice removed. And I thought Bernie was 6'6". Did he grow?

Jon C

Cars and I have never jibed, so I cannot get excited about the Ferraris. However, I do empathize with your home on wheels problems. "Courage" as they say in French.


Wow Peg...Those are some very nice cars. Glad you're enjoying yourselves. I would love to just travel around like you guys...(without time constraints and just doin' whatever. I enjoy the pics. Give dem' doggies a big hug for me...Take Care....


Well, while being vertically challenged at 5'8", it's some comfort that I can fly coach or ride in style without the risk if spinal injury. One of these winters we'll have to rendezvous someplace warm!

Frank P

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