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In Defense of the Stick

January 14, 2016

We are now well into our seventh year on the road. Last year was unique in that we spent almost six months living on the Diamond K Ranch in Oakley, California, while Bernie became Michael's right hand.1 We arrived to work with him in March and finally departed in September. It was wonderful being with Mike and Kate for so long - especially nice were Friday nights at "The Barge," a deck bar overlooking a beautiful section of The Delta known as Frank's Tract. Kate and I enjoyed drinking fancy-pants cocktails while Mike and Bernie rehydrated with beer and giant drinks.

I am just a bit embarrassed to report that this past year on more than one occasion we succumbed to using a selfie stick. Not only did we use it, but we loved the results because we could include friends and/or family as well as the setting. I am well aware that those above such things see the stick as an invasive aid to appalling narcissism, but I do not agree.

Properly handled, the stick becomes a means of enjoying the company of strangers, but more importantly it gives the user, especially an older person, a way to capture and revisit the joy of sharing the world with good friends and loved family members.

Sadly, the selfie stick could do nothing to disguise the fact that we are growing older.

And on quiet evenings, this older person loves to glide through her iPad looking at couplies of us with friends and family. The pleasure that this expanded selfie moment gives, allows the experience to stay always vivid in my mind.

Calli’s horse Davie is a master of taking selfies. He even has an account on Instagram.

My personal favorite couplie of the year is this one.

1 Story about Mike’s finger and Bernie and Mike working together.

Love your selfie stick pics! They ROCK--as do you,two! ,Thank you for taking us on your incredible journey Peg & Bernie. You are muchly missed in NYC!

XO Viv & Rusty

Once appalling narcissism has been established, it doesn't really matter how it is revealed. Sketching faces, holding a heavy camera at arm's length or waving a selfie stick. It's all the same idea. But we love it!

Jon C

:))))) Just smiles:)))),Older?? I'd like to say that I can only hope to still be a tall beautiful blonde just like you (Peg, not Bernie;)!) in my near future:) South Louisiana sure does miss the two of you, a lot! So much has changed, the biggest is my upcoming brain surgery, but ONE thing will always remain and that is how grateful I am to have knocked on that door on that quiet evening here in the swamps:))))


Claire N

Statistics show that selfies caused more deaths in 2015 than shark attacks. For instance, a Japanese guy was taking a selfie at the Taj Mahal, fell down the steps and broke his neck. Another guy was hit by a train while posing for a selfie. Sooooo, be careful and do not tempt fate!


You two don't change,still looking good.Super Bowl time you can send check for one box good luck and thank you.Ill send copy as soon as we get numbers picked.


Hello from the Trail,

Loved your selfie stick saga!
Great shots. And loved the video of you two and the gazzilion places you've been.

You both look great. Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures this year.

We had a good fall and holiday season. Just now starting to get some snow. We welcome a long winter to catch our breath and catch up on life.

So my favorite gypsies.... Safe travels and winter well.

Cheers - Marny

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