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Foal Network News - The Sally-Leroy Diaries

Featuring the latest in updates from Leroy and Mama Sally at The Diamond K Ranch

May 30, 2013

Announcing the name submissions for Leroy’s Official American Quarter Horse registered name.

Leroy at One Month

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May 10, 2013

Sally, Beth and  3½ week old Leroy

Sally, Beth and 3½ week old Leroy

He seems to have grown a bit. Thank you, everyone, for sending in name suggestions. We will let you know when AQHA gets back in touch. Right now, Kate and Mike are calling him Little Sh*t”. Seems he has a mind of his own.

Watch for a posting of all suggested names soon.

Leroy at Two Weeks

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April 26, 2012

Kate Miller
Michael Callihan
are proud to announce the birth

(at last)

April 9, 2013
Gender: Male
Barn name: Leroy
Show name: to be decided (Enter Contest)
Weight: Probably 115 lbs
Height: 7.5 hands?

April 26: Leroy is thrilled with some of the suggestions that have come in for his official Quarter Horse Name. A few have already been taken, but he and Sally are impressed with some of the cool ideas. We will let you know when the submissions are turned in to the AQHA.

Enjoy the photographs of Leroy in action (bottom of page) a few days before his two-week birthday. He is finding it difficult to graze with only a few nubs for teeth, but he certainly ready to chomp down.

April 18, Leroy has grown at least 8 inches

April 17, Great-Grandmother, Joanne, Visits
Arriving with peppermints, Joanne spent a quiet time with mother and son. Sally got lots of peppermint love. Leroy was a bit shy.

Videos from Leroy’s First Three Days

April 10, Veterinarian, Dr. René gives Leroy a complete physical, checks out Sally and declares mother and foal are doing perfectly

Everybody: Help Create Leroy’s Show Name and Win a Prize
Leroy’s grandparents, Kate and Mike, must submit seven names to the American Quarter Horse Association for his official name. The name must contain some part of the sire and dam’s names. Sally’s official name is, Chex N Fritz Out, and the sire’s name is, This Cat’s Smart.

So Far, Chex Out This Cat, Chex This Cat Out, and Cat in the Chex Mix are on the table. More and better names are needed. We are inviting you to submit names. If the AQHA uses the name submitted by you, you will win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

The Sally Diaries

Friends and family hang with Sally as she enters her second year of her pregnancy.

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Beautiful clarity and color. Mom and LerSamanthaoy could walk right out of video into the living room - these videos are Real Time Life! Have loved every minute of Sally's journey in bringing Leroy into our world and hearts. Sally and baby imprinted on my heart long before the Boy King arrived . Thank you for my being able to share in it through this pristine media.


Great videos! Amazing how quickly they learn to walk, then run.


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