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Drawing Einstein

July 7, 2016

I’ve been riding to work with Liz, my daughter, very early on these hot summer mornings. She works across from the Lincoln Memorial so I am able to visit some of the nearby monuments and draw. Last Monday, it was the Einstein Memorial1 in front of the National Academy of Sciences.

Pen, watercolor and white gel pen (click to enlarge)
Pen, watercolor and white gel pen

By 7:45, I was comfortably ensconced beside Al’s personal celestial plaza and drawing away.

Before me, a woman channeling the ghost of the famous peace protestor, Concapcion Picciotto2, along with her pile of bags, had taken up residency next to the giant sculpture’s thigh. This woman, however, was a bedraggled, large breasted, bleached blond “revolutionary”. She waved high her hot pink protest sign and in a voice made hoarse by thousands of cigarettes she yelled angrily at me for trespassing in her place before breakfast. Shouting even louder, she warned me that John Kerry was stealing my rights.

When suited businessmen began to pass by, she disappeared… soon to be followed by busload after busload of high school students from around the world. (The group below was from Turkey. About a dozen of the kids and the three teachers gave me their phones to take this picture. I grabbed one for myself.)

Einstein’s nose, like the snout of the bronze boar in the Mercato Nuevo in Florence, Italy must have some kind of legend growing around it. The nose appears to be shinier than the rest of the sculpture. While I was drawing, a couple kids climbed up and rubbed it. I remembered that rubbing the Italian boar’s nose ensured a return visit to Florence. Perhaps Einstein’s nose gives the “rubbor" good luck on their next science exam.

I wish I had been with il Porcellinoin in this age of selfies. I would have been all over that little bronze piggie, instead of surreptitiously snapping some unknown tourist posing with the pig.

By the time I was ready for my selfie with Einstein, I couldn't get near it for all the visitors. ME = NO SELFIE2

Playing with Photoshop and quick sketches (click to enlarge)
Playing with Photoshop and quick sketches

1 Robert Berks is the sculptor

2 Concepcion Picciotto (Conchita) lived in protest of nuclear arms across from the White House in Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C., in a peace camp from 1 August 1981 until her death in January of 2016.

A few years ago when I went back as a contractor for DOS, I had a few lunches at Einstein's feet. It was truly awesome! Keep the enlightened messages coming. I hope to see you again soon!


Loved my visit to DC through your eyes!,Love the sculpture. Love your watercolor.

Life is such an adventure.

Happy Summer to you & Bernie.

Marny :)

Just returned from Norway yesterday - away this weekend. Let's get together soon. I'll email.


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