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I Coulda Been a Contender...

February 27, 2012

I have discovered what I want to be when I grow up: A Roller Derby Babe. There will be breast augmentation involved plus work in the weight room and a shot or two of HGH. But hey, I’m up for it... and I do so love wearing ripped black lace tights.

Last night we attended the “TXRD LONESTAR ROLLERGIRLS...THE MOST ENTERTAINING SPORT IN THE WORLD.”  It was an absolute open access photographic hoot! Of course, it will never replace young men in shiny tight pants playing football, but man it was so much fun. What’s not to love about old time rock and roll blasting, fine looking young women playing a sport that is funny, fun, tough and easy to “get.”

Do you love mustachioed girls in black and red, or perhaps you are  a fan of Catholic school girls in plaid mini-skirts and white tops? Plus helmets and knee pads...

What’s not to adore about these women? Each has developed a persona to go with her amazing skating ability.

It was a night of screaming fans waving sequined signs, and exciting women acting out the battle between good and evil while skating in an extreme sport. The two teams were the Holy Rollers vs. the Putas del Fuego. There was Ghettostar Balatica, Atilla the Nun, Mini Massacre and Rozy B. Hind for the “good” Holy Rollers. While Shanxzilla, Greta Ground-N-Pound, Holly Peno and Hell’s Belle battled evilly for the “bad” Putas del Fuego team.

There was one lovely soft spot during the crazy hoopla of the evening. The band’s lead singer hit all the right notes when she sang a cappella from Whitney Houston’s iconic song “I Will Always Love You”  only a little over a week after the star’s death. The crowd went all misty-eyed and then rose to it’s feet cheering.

...and kept right on cheering and yelling for the next two hours.

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A side note: Austin would obviously be on board for legalizing same sex marriage.

A whole lot of healthy mamas.Hope you are doing good


Your writings are hilarious! Glad you all are doing great. I painted Sunday at the jetties. I was thinking about ya all. Take care and TRY to behave!


I have never had a competitive spirit, but I do love high drama.  Looks like there is plenty of it in the roller derby.


Great stuff here!


Would love to know the name you'd go by?
Call us, we'll be there!


Marny, in contemplating my nom de skate, I first must determine whether I am a good skater, or an evil skater. "Formerly Blonde Enigma" could go either way.


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