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Fish? Millions of Fish Eggs? Fish Hatchery?

February 26, 2013

Having grown up on the Chesapeake Bay, Bernie and I have always enjoyed fishing and crabbing... but fish husbandry??? (Bernie has even pulled lobster traps with the lighthouse keeper on Machias Seal Island.)

Fish Hatchery

Last fall we visited the Elk River Hatchery near the ocean in Southern Oregon. We loved watching the tanks of steelheads, rainbow trout and chinook, as well as visiting the room with millions of steelhead and chinook eggs in incubating boxes. It got us thinking...

Fish Hatchery

One of the pools at Elk River. We understand the water will be really, really cold at Green Lake. Wardrobe consultations will be required.

Suddenly it all came together... we would volunteer at a fish hatchery. Part of the decision was based on the location of the facility that was offering the position - the coast of Maine near Acadia National Park. (We had gone to the area to hike and eat lobsters almost every summer since the mid-seventies.)

And so, happily, we have been selected to work for four and a half months (May15-October 1) at the Green Lake National Fish Hatchery near Ellsworth, Maine. We will be working with the Endangered Atlantic Salmon.

During our time there we will be provided with an RV site, a full hook-up and high-speed internet at no cost. We wish it also came with all the salmon and lobster we can eat, but that is not in the job description. We will be providing that ourselves. Often!

Fish Hatchery?

Summer 1956, Yellowstone National Park: My dad took this of a happy me holding a cutthroat trout, a landlocked member of the salmon family. Prophetic?

When we arrive, it will be Maine’s famous Black Fly Season!!! We have been assured that the staff will supply us with as much Deet and other insect repellants as we need.

Our jobs, for twenty four hours a week, will include: “...assisting hatchery staff with general maintenance and grounds upkeep (using power equipment), nature trail maintenance, interpretive signage production, and assisting hatchery staff with animal husbandry dealing with endangered sea-run atlantic salmon populations being cultured at the facility.”

We are now busy learning words like "alevins," "fry," "parr," "smolt"... and are so excited to be doing this.

We want to cogratulate both of you doing all that most people just fantasize doing. Maybe a book on the best sellers list one day. Stay in good health and be safe everyday.

Uncle Hank & Aunt June

Just might see you up there! I have a place in Conway, NH--and may take a trip up the coast during August--will let you know--sounds like a great place to volunteer!


I Love It! You guys are full of surprises! I am so inspired by the both of you, & grateful to have met you, even though we only shared a brief moment in time, it was a memorable, fast, & fun time!

You guys are welcome anytime, bring Sully too of course!

Trudy/Hostess Oak Knoll Campground

Trudy, so great to hear from you. We like to look at our "Ann Margaret" pictures of you and remember how much fun it was to hang out with you.

We loved living on the side of your mountain.

Best, Peggy, Bernie and Sully.

They (the hatchery and the salmon) are so lucky to have you both for 4 months!


Looks like a great place to spend the summer. Enjoy.


Just to remind you that I have a Fish husband! Hugs to you both.

Jimmy :)

That's so great!

xox, a

Hi friend....you are wonderful and I love reading your writing. And I know you love your life! XXOO


What an exciting and fun filled busy life you guys lead! Love you both!


Fab! And welcome back to the East Coast!


What a fabulous new adventure!


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