#15 of 31: Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, Massachusetts

October 13, 2013


Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts, New Englad Patriots

Patriots FansIt was like a homecoming game from long ago. Southern hospitality is real, but it has nothing on New England charm.The sun was shining and blue skies were above with just a few white clouds. Flags were flying, music from the 50s through 70s was playing over loudspeakers and all around us were fan vans and set-ups full of people we felt like we had grown up with - an instant neighborhood block party of old friends and we got to be part of it. It was warm, friendly and wonderful.  Our new BFFs came over and looked at our 14, so far, composite pictures we put up in our windows of all the stadiums we have visited. They loved that we were doing such a fun thing. We explained it was a project, not a race. We really lucked out when the guys directing the parking put us in the row they did.

Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts, New Englad Patriots
Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts, New Englad Patriots

While often we will circle an entire stadium when tailgating, this group we joined was so great we just kinda hung with them the whole time.

Stadium parking was easy, if the most expensive - $150.00,  we have encountered thus far. We were directed into a nest of fabulously decorated fan vans. They ranged from supremely tasteful to just a tad tacky. Some of the vans, like the families, were second generation with team autographed panels from previous vans adorning the walls of the new interiors. The team’s original logo, Pat Patriot appeared here and there in both interior and exterior decor schemes. The current logo, which was everywhere, looks like a mysterious, sexy guy who could be on the cover of a romance novel or kind of a Flying Elvis head. It’s cool.


Fake Tebow


There were multi-generations of families all around us and of course the air was filled with the delicious smells of grilling food. There were lots of seafood creations happening, and two of the best were Carol’s Jalapeño Stuffed Clams and Bill’s Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Scallops. There was also Josh’s Pizza Dip that was quite delicious. While I saw some beer being consumed, oddly, there were no tables with assorted bottles of booze on display.

Most of the fans were sporting team jerseys and colors, although some were in pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The predominant jerseys were #12/Tom Brady and  #87/Rob Gronkowski.  Apparently a few fans refused to accept that Wes Welker is now catching passes from Peyton Manning in Denver, and continued to wear his # 83. ...and then there was the Tim Tebow. Doug Flutie (love him) was not forgotten on jerseys.


Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts, New Englad Patriots

The visiting New Orleans fans were in full "Who Dat!" array. Jewels, parasols, gold balls and tights...

Just before game time a large crowd gathered to hear "The Reverend’s" invocation... a combination of high oratory style, hype, rabble rousing and Patriot love. Jaegermeister shots were passed out to the crowd to the pounding strains of Rawhide. Really, what’s not to love about a bunch of fans who blast the Blues Brothers, Rawhide and perform a chorus line kick dance to Living Next Door to Alice.

Not to date myself, but I still think of the Patriots as one of the "new" teams. In fact though, the franchise is well over 50 years old and in the Belichick/Brady era, one of the NFL’s winningest teams.

Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts, New Englad Patriots

Uniquely to us so far, Gillette Stadium is part of a shopping mall, Patriot Place. Handy, you meet some guy at the game and you can stop by Victoria's Secret to pick up a little number on your way out... or, depending, duck into EMS and pick up some hiking boots for further adventures.


Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill Cheeseburger


Our traditional cheeseburger before the game had to be eaten after the fans entered the stadium. We went into Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in the mall, and proceeded to enjoy an excellent, properly cooked bacon cheeseburger with a Sam Adams and watched the game in typical sports bar manner. (Tried to buy a Red Solo Cup Tee shirt for Mike, but there was only one left and it was my size. Sorry, Mike - it looks good on ME.)

Finished watching the game back in the camper. It was a screamer! WHAT A GREAT LAST MINUTE WIN FOR THE PATRIOTS!!!

We drove away In darkness, through the elated fans returning to their RVs. Some reached playfully through our open windows imploring us to stay and party on.

We spent the night at a Walmart a few miles down the road, watched replays of the game and felt far away. Thank you, Patriots Fans, we will never forget you!


Final: Patriots 30, Saints 27

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Awesome job! Incredible photographs!


I know you will make all 31!


I did not realize that the fans were so outgoing as they are.  I guess I just never got into that in my day.


Holy carp! That looks like a blast!!! And what a game for you to see!


I watched the video of the stadium and tailgate.  I saw you guys in it.  Looks like lots of fun.  Food looked great too! 


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