#9 of 31: Arrowhead Stadium -
Kansas City, Missouri

December 18, 2011


Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, MissouriEverything we had heard and read told us that tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium would be a “Never to be forgotten experience.” Weather predictions indicated that it was going to be 60° and sunny on game day. Batteries charged, cameras cleaned we were ready...

We arrived at the Arrowhead gates before a "rosy-fingered dawn” in order to get into unreserved parking in Lot A. Vans, Cars and pick-up trucks filled with red clad fans were lined up all round us. Soon the the folks were out on the grass starting the party in near darkness. It appeared as if a lot of the people had a cup of McDonald’s hot coffee in one hand and a cozied beer in the other.

PHOTO GALLERY: Chiefs' Fans Early-Morning



Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, MissouriAn hour and a half later, we were the second camper to pull into A-Lot, just across from the stadium. The third camper to pull in next to us was a group who had driven $900 dollars worth of gasoline from Wisconsin to root for their Green Bay Packers. As the lot filled up, it became a sea of Red Chief’s fans and Green Packers fans. It seemed as if half the lot was filled with those hard traveling Packers Fans who cannot get into their own home stadium. On a fashion note, most of the Chief’s fan’s red outfits tended to be red layered shirts, hoodies and Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missourijackets while Packer fans sported a more eclectic - bordering on outrageous - collection of outfits, especially on their legs and feet... all green and gold. Just before the game started, some magnificently clad Chiefs supporters emerged from the shadows to enter Arrowhead’s gates. Football Fandom allows any man to bring out his inner-Marilyn and wear a few baubles.

As at any game when the Packers are in town, the tailgating is an occasion for families and friends from both teams to get together and relive old rivalries. It being the week before Christmas, the whole scene was quite seasonal with all the red and green. When Bernie and I met our first intense Packer fan back in Atlanta, we thought he was a little bit crazy, what with his cheesehead hat and beads. Now we know, that is just the way Packers Fans roll.Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

I have to say that Arrowhead is the most beautiful setting we have seen for football and its fans so far. The stadium sits at the bottom of a gentle three sided bowl. The acres of parking lots and grassy hills are filled with tailgaters and as the morning progresses, a
haze of charcoal and hickory smoke along with heavenly cooking smells fills the air. We stood at the top of one hill looking down and felt such happiness for the day. We watched  friends and families laughing and playing games all around us. There was great music and the occasional blast and battle of air horns. The fact that these tens of thousands of people were together celebrating food, each other and that most American of pastimes: Football - encouraged us to continue our NFL Tailgating Project. For although football has been called God’s game—religion, race and political parties have nothing to do with a Sunday afternoon’s football game among the fans.

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

Haze from hundreds of cooking fires engulfs Arrowhead Stadium.

PHOTO GALLERY: Chiefs' Fans MID-Morning

When we tailgate, it is always hard for us not to partake of all the savory slabs of charred flesh and the variety of alcoholic drinks that are so generously offered to us. And we would eat and drink with great abandon, except we have visions of undetected sauce dribbles remaining on our chins, an errant chunk of meat nestling between our front teeth... or even worse... food or beverage spilling on our cameras. However, we are always on the lookout for simple tasty recipes to prepare in Maybe’s kitchen. Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, MissouriWe were not disappointed by the Arrowhead chefs. For among the grilling brats, flank steaks, ribs, pork barbecue, burgers and dogs we discovered Southwestern Grilled Chicken wrapped in bacon (Cannot wait to make this) and what I will call 50‘s Cheese Dip since it incorporates jarred cheese and canned bacon bits. Ironically, this recipe was provided by a lovely Cheesehead. (Recipes will be posted after the Holidays)

One other food note, this is the first time I saw fans grilling marinated venison. The hunter/chef was very proud to have shot a white-tailed buck and then to have the opportunity to grill and serve it to his friends. I love venison. (As long as it is a simple rifle and you eat what you shoot I am ok with this. {Well, maybe not Bambi})

PHOTO GALLERY: Chiefs' Fans LATE-Morning

This being our last game of the season, we tended to move around the lots more slowly and spend more time talking to people. For me there were lots of fun women cooking, grilling, setting up tents and “talking the talk.” One young woman had brought her mother to their first football game and tailgating ever.

The Chiefs’ Cheerleaders were in front of the stadium posing for pictures with the fans... to the great delight of many, including myself. A strolling Elvis posing with fans was a nice addition as well.

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

First game, first tailgating... a daughter-mother event

Another fabulous women has made it her goal to travel by bus alone from Kansas City to every stadium in the country where the Chiefs play. Once in the city, she joins a bus group and travels to the stadium to attend the game. While Buffalo is where we loved camping overnight at the stadium and made life long friends, she found the gang on the her bus way too rowdy and said she would not go back. I told her she had to give them another chance! (What we have been trying to say is that fans are so much more than young guys drinking too much. Those kids are a tiny, tiny part of the feelings of community and fun that happens at a hometown football game.)

Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri

Cidertinis: Fan tested, Fan approved!

As the fans began to enter Arrowhead the chants of “GO, PACK, GO” drowned out all other noise. Parked close to the stadium, we were able to enjoy listening to the group, Red LIne Chemistry, sing the National Anthem and see the fireworks and the jet airplanes execute a military flyover above the stadium.  More importantly we heard the Chiefs War Chant drown out the Packers chant as the home team went up 6-0 by the end of the first quarter. We watched on TV with a new treat, warmed carmel vodka and apple Cider as the Chiefs went on to break the Packers 19 game winning streak. Go Chiefs!

Final: Chiefs 19, Packers 14

Loved the article !!! We take pride in fellowship & sportsmanship !!! We are proud of our CHIEFS!!! Nobody tailgates lke CHIEFS NATION!!!!! :) Come Back & see us again!!! You are always welcome!! :)


It was great meeting you. (I gave you directions @ the guard shack the day before the game). Glad you enjoyed your visit to Arrowhead. I enjoyed all of your pictures and the great write-up. Hope you make it back to KC again.


It was a pleasure to meet you, fantastic story of your travels to the stadiums how fun, enjoyed the Chiefs pics thx for sharing an best of luck on your ventures.....trying to figure out how to get our pics you took over to my FB page????  and or copy us.....


Great reporting on a unique NFL game.

Love, Dad
(Al Pobiak)

Glad to see you are still rolling. I have been following your story since I met you in Buffalo. I have been to KC 8 times, and agree with you about the fantastic environment on game day in the KC parking lot!

Kenny "Pinto Ron" Johnson

Great photos, glad you made it "up" to the best spot in the parking lot, thanks for the great photos, the Hill gang!

TailgateCouch Guy

WOW! What a great story!! Thanks so much for coming to Kansas City and telling it like it really is, of all the years of supporting the Chiefs, THAT game was special, and you were there! The UNBEATEN Packers were suppose to win by a bunch but it was one of those days where the old saying held true,"anyone can win on any givin Sunday". Thanks again for taking pictures and showing everyone how wonderful it is to be at an NFL game, especially THAT Sunday in old KC.

#9796 Gary

Happy Holidays to both of you. We have one more game at home (against Denver) and then we will put the RV away for a few months. Have been very lucky this year. No snow to speak of.

Ray and Adele

Have a wonderful Christmas and another great year of travel.


All is good! Looks like everyone had a good time.  Wish I was there.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


Nice pictures. Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Sully is looking good.

Love you guys


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