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Sketching with a tech pen while walking around the tailgating lots before the Denver Broncos/Minnesota Vikings game.
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Sketching with a tech pen while walking around the tailgating lots before the Denver Broncos/Minnesota Vikings game.


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#21 of 31: Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver Colorado

October 4, 2015


It seems like only yesterday that Pat Bowlen hoisted the Lombardi Trophy on high and shouted to the joyous Broncos fans, " This one’s for John!" It was almost twenty years ago, but that moment and John Elway’s "Dive" that made the win happen, will live in the hearts of not just Denver fans but all football lovers forever.

Worried that we might not get into the RV tailgating lot on Sunday, we lined up early Saturday afternoon in front of Original Brooklyn’s Sports Bar on Colfax Avenue to spend the night. Of course, we were nowhere near first in line. There were fan vans ahead of us that had been there since Thursday. Karl Mecklenburg (Notice how he makes Bernie look like a little guy.), riding in the Budweiser promo vehicle, visited the lined up vans, chatted a bit and gave all of us a free case of Bronco branded Bud Light and a 12 -pack of Bronco Koozies.

Saturday evening we enjoyed our traditional pre-game hamburger and a couple of cold Coors at Brooklyn’s and the next morning entered Lot C at 8 AM. ($30 bucks a space, and we took up 4.)




Shortly after pulling in and starting to set up, sweet smelling smoke began to rise all around us. No, it was not Colorado’s legal cannabis -  it was something better! BACON! And lots of it.

The Tailgate at Mile High is different. It’s not like Cleveland or Philadelphia. No octabongs, no Jaegermeister on tap and no mounted police riding thru the crowds to maintain order. In spite of all the Viking helmets, horns and blonde braids, there was a  a great Orangeness to the scene.

My eyes were a bit blasted and I had sorta hoped i might get a contact high, but honestly we did not see or smell much marijuana incorporated into the tailgate parties (like almost none - damn). The lots were crowed and good fun was being had by all… and yet it seemed a bit more peaceful then other tailgates we have attended. Maybe it’s the thin air at a mile high.




A city that has 300 days of sunshine a year as well as John Elway’s beautiful, toothy smile cannot help but be a mellow place to be.

I do love that football, for all the aggression and testosterone, allows men to reveal their inner decorator and fashionista selves by creating their own styled vehicles, parties and outfits. Color co-ordinated napkins and cups, orange leather seating, orange and blue wigs, fabulous bling, orange camo pants and orange jumpsuits… some guys even carry small horsies around.

The Broncos do, after all, have the best logo (horse!) in the NFL and somehow manage to rock Orange and Blue.




Something different happened for us in Denver. News reporter, Macradee Aegerter and videographer, Anne Herbst showed up from KDVR -Denver (the local Fox affiliate) and asked if they could mike and film us for a tailgating story. Sure.

Besides constantly disconnecting the mike, I don’t think I was too much trouble. As you can see from the video the hair and make-up people did not show up. And yes, those of you who have known me since the early 80s, -  you do recognize that green vest I’m wearing. Also, Bernie’s gift of gab is now revealed for the world to enjoy.

It’s just us hanging out, taking pictures and having fun.

Here are two videos from the Tailgating. One from Fox News and one from us. Just click to enjoy.


Note: All photos in the story are available to the fans for free in the galleries. Just click on enlargement and download.

That was GREAT The older couple at the end --- beautiful!(love)


Started pool if u r interested still 75 boxes left.


What can I say? Freedom, I guess.


Bout time someone did a story on you two and your stadium adventures! Fun to see you waxing poetic about football too.

Cindy S

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