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Winnebago Galley Kitchen


People ask us how do we manage to cook in such a small space. Many wonder if we go out to eat all the time like we did living in Manhattan. Surprisingly, we actually cook frequently rather well in this very small kitchen.

As you can see, it has two drop-leaf counter top extenders and a double sink. The stove has three burners with a cutting board cover and above it there is a microwave/convection oven (love it). There is a double magnetic knife rack on the side of the cabinet next to the couch.

As to pots and pans; we have a big spaghetti pot with a colander insert and a steaming basket, a 12" frying pan, a 7" frying pan and a 3 quart pot. That's it.

When the weather permits and we are not parked in someone's driveway or a public space we do a lot of grilling. We have been using the same small fold-up Weber Grill since 2002. Whenever we are in Maine or along the Gulf Coast where we can get live shrimp and lobsters Bernie builds a wood fire and we steam the crustaceans in seaweed I have gathered.Winnebago WoodfireWinnebago Weber Grill

Wionnebago Lake Ontario Fisherman


As a rule, we do not cook seafood inside the camper. Recently we were visiting with some nice fisherman on Lake Ontario and they kindly offered to give us a very large salmon they had caught that morning. Can you picture and smell that fish in our kitchen pictured above?

After the first few months on the road we realized we could not just grill steak every night. We decided to use a much local produce as we could find and to obtain recipes from people we met along the way.