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Watercolor, near Asheville, North Carolina

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Celebrating Two Years on the Road: Part 2

December 15, 2011

Update: There is now a fourth place we would consider living if we ever decide to settle down — St. Louis, Missouri. Really.

Here are a couple of helpful top ten lists for the peregrinating traveler.

The perfect campground: In the best of all worlds, all campgrounds would meet the following criteria:

10 Favorite Campgrounds

Back-lit Sully strolls along the Dan River.

Back-lit Sully strolls along the Dan River.

Blue Water Key, Key West, Florida: Our own private Tiki Hut and orchid garden on the water with a deep-water dock and great birds

Frost Ridge, LeRoy, New York: Walks through apple orchards and up old ski slopes

Dan River, Stoneville, North Carolina: Winter walks in the woods along the Dan River with deer and migrating bluebirds

Liberty Harbor RV Park, Jersey City, New Jersey: Plenty of walking and convenient public transportation into New York City

Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana: Wonderful shows and events going on at the Fairgrounds every day and a rail trail leading downtown.

Fly-Dogs run their relays at the Indiana Fairgrounds

Watching the Fly-Dogs run their relays at the Indiana Fairgrounds made us giddy with excitement. A four dog relay... it was hysterical.

Canton/East Sparta KOA, Sparta, Ohio: Chilly walks around a lake with beautiful frost filled meadows and frisky horses.

In Front of the Lippihans, Bethesda, Maryland: A house full of loved ones outside our door (The let us put in a 30 amp plug)

Kitty Hawk RV Park, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina: Walks on the beach just steps from the camper door

French Broad River Campground, Asheville, North Carolina: Camped beside the river and the French Broad River Greenway hiking trail

Jon and Ryan’s Driveway, Werry Lake, Pennsylvania: Best of friends, they even put in a 30 amp plug for us

Ten favorite places we have “toured” since going full time:

The Pyramid, mold-melted and cut glass, by Marian Karel at the Corning Museum of Glas

The Pyramid, mold-melted and cut glass, by Marian Karel at the Corning Museum of Glass

Niagara Falls, New York: There is a reason it is so famous. Yes, it is awe-inspiring.

Key West, Florida: Almost never left, we were there for close to two months.

The Corning Museum of Glass: Corning, New York: Visited five times. Yes, Virginia, there is more to art glass than just Dale Chihuly... We lost ourselves in the museum’s glass for days.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio: Bruce was in the tower when we visited... great building, great music, great learning and remembering experience plus we were able to boondock below it by the lake for a few days.

Admiring my heroMuhammed Ali Center, Louisville, Kentucky: One of the best exhibits we have seen. A complete immersion into the sounds, controversy and messages of strength surrounding this remarkable man’s life. We loved the full-on audio coming from every direction rather than having to pick up phones. The sounds of boxing, the voice of J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Cosell, George Foreman, Lenox Lewis...

Around and near Rochester, NY: Genesee River Trail. Waterfalls, boardwalks over marshes, city industry, rainbows, wild parks

Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington Kentucky: When we realized HORSES were to be a major part of Calli’s life we decided to check the park out. We have always had an interest in horses, stemming from our having worked on a film back in 1973 about horse racing and Secretariat. We had met Big Red and enjoyed his company. Camping at the the park with Calli, we spent our days immersed in horse shows, tours, stables, show rings and fields of horses. We’ve now been there three times. Price Tower, Bartlesville, Oklahoma: Frank Lloyd Wright designed this mixed use skyscraper

Price Tower, Bartlesville, Oklahoma: Frank Lloyd Wright designed this mixed use skyscraper. Today it is a museum, an inn and there is a bar and restaurant on the top floor. A neat tour of the interior was offered, but no pictures were allowed. So, although we took the tour ~~~it is  as if we were not even there~ ~ ~ Still loved it!

Treme and St Augustine Catholic Church in New Orleans, Louisiana: An exciting neighborhood to walk around. Every Friday while we were in NOLA we attended the Friday Fish Fry at St. Augustine, the oldest Black Catholic Church in the US. Catfish, homegrown music and great people. Nice.

Fried catfish and blues at St. Augustine Catholic Church.

Hard things when living on the road
Sometimes you just find yourself iced-in for days outside a Walmart somewhere

Not much is it? That’s why we are still going strong.

I saw you briefly this past Sunday before the Rams/Seahawks game. You took a photo of my friend and me and gave me you card. I love your site! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with the world! As my husband and I get ready to retire, I can see myself trying something like this, too.

I look forward to seeing my photo on your site.


A superb travelogue.  When is the book coming out?  Would love to see you at a book signing in Politics and Prose.  You present a very unique and unusual angle.


You were in Liberty State Park, NJ and didn't visit? I don't mean to sound like a Jewish grandmother (I'm only a Jewish grandfather), but when will you be back in the Apple?

Best wishes for the holidays,


WOW! I just took a journey with you just from reading. Hope all is well. Found a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It's a keeper. Hope your Holidays are filled with awe, just like the rest of the year!



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