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Nashville, Tennessee
...and a night walk

December 9, 2011

We returned to Nashville for three weeks at the end of October. It was mostly a place to catch up on maintenance and do our fall cleaning. I was able to get a cheap flight to Washington to see the family, so I was gone for almost two weeks. (read: Calli fix)

martial arts master and body guard, Enrique ‘The Master’ SaccoWith the exception of one night last year, we had not been in Nashville since the mid 80s, when our daughter attended Vanderbilt University. Good times! (too good for at least one of us...)

While I was gone, Bernie worked and had time to make some good friends. He photographed a martial arts master and bodyguard, Enrique 'The Master' Sacco. He also photographed the musician, Jake Hill. Jake had been a prodigy back in Boston...performing with the Boston Symphony and Seiji Ozawa by the time he was 12. Somehow, the Boston Archdiocese Choir School and the New England Conservatory of Music led him thru church music directorships, church organist and choir director to becoming a country music writer and performer in Nashville. Good for you, Jake. (Video of Jake performing)

Interestingly enough, one day Bernie also did day labor on a construction job. (Cash in his pocket at the end of the day...a nice touch) He was helping a couple who owned a home building business and had lost their own beautiful home in the economic downturn. They were living as month to month residents in a mobile home at our campground, while still maintaining the remainder of their business.

Jake and Peg

Jake and Peg have the same hair stylist.

We are meeting more and more people who have lost their homes and have found a way to survive in an RV park. Here in the Two Rivers RV Park there are million-dollar 45 foot rolling McMansions towing Porches pulling into one site... and a few spaces away there are formerly well-off people who have lost everything now living in inexpensive trailers. Many couples are surprised at how much they like their new and simpler life. “Less about material things and more about living.”

On our last night in town we were taken on a band bar tour through the music venues on and around Printer's Alley in downtown Nashville. Jake Hill, the musician who can sing and play any and everything and his photographer, Thoma Parker, of the gorgeous breasts, led us through back alleys, bars, rear entrances, balconies, churches and an espresso bar to hear bands playing country pop, country rock, crossover, outlaw, blues  and bluegrass music.

Jake knew everyone, and we only paused band bar hopping long enough for a cup of coffee. Great fun.

You two really know how to live life. Keep up the good work, love the e-mails. Thanks


I miss you guys. Come back to Nashville! You two are amazing, fun people with a powerful presence.


I travel the byways at night in my imagination. To share your reality is quite exciting! 


So Cool! Loved the tour--wish I was there!


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