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Five Years on the Road

We began our sixth year on the road with a few thoughts and some great memories

December 4, 2014

The biggest though, of course is: Damn, we are five years older! How did that happen? Bernie's hair is grayer… in fact I think we can call it officially "Gray" now. I am just older… where once I walked between 5 and 7 miles everyday, I now find I am only walking somewhere between 3 and 4. Oh well, if there are birds to see and hear, I am still happy, and while I'm definitely not shuffling yet, I have lost a step or two. I turned 76 a couple of weeks ago. Wait, wasn't I just 27 last week? And Bernie? He still thinks he's the 17 year old stud from down the beach.

We started the year in the Poconos (Pennsylvania) where the temperatures dipped as low as -10°, However, the companionship of Jon and Ryan was warm enough to ward off the bitter cold, plus they are amazing cooks. We knew 2014 was going to be a great year, because the Bluebird of Happiness was hanging around the avian spa on their back deck.

Bluebird of Happiness

We left them in mid-January, and headed for the Carolina's to try to get warm. But even south, we were not spared from 2013's record breaking cold winter. First we spent a month in Wilmington, North Carolina and them six weeks on Huntington Beach, South Carolina.

Castle TV MarathonPerhaps, because it was so cold, we became curiously addicted to the ABC series Castle. Sadly, because, until recently, we were never hard-wired we couldn't stream shows to our TV. Sometime in February, we stumbled upon a TV Marathon of Castle's. Cabin fever was taking over, and a camper is a very small cabin. Being desperate for something to watch while cooped up inside for days, we started watching Castle. Oh, Captain Reynolds1 you have returned to earth. Within two episodes, we were hopelessly hooked and watched the rest of Season 1 non-stop. Even after the weather began to warm up, we could be found stalking Walmarts, Best Buys and Red Boxes in an effort to score bargain copies of seasons from the other 5 years. Finally giving up on finding a bargain, we bought Seasons two and three at a Barnes and Noble in Darlington, South Carolina. That's 80 bucks we will never get back - but completely worth it. For weeks we were happily ensconced watching multiple episodes every evening. It's true, we have no shame. Great crimes and nice people. We love them all... even Sherry, er Gates.2

The Winter Beach: Since I can remember, I have loved walking on the beach, especially in winter. This past winter the three of us spent six weeks living behind the dunes in Huntington Beach, South Carolina. Every morning and afternoon Bernie and I bundled up, walked along the frozen sand watching birds flying beyond the breakers. Sully preferred to walk in the icy surf with bare paws.

The Winter Beach

Cooking Seafood: The fresh seafood available at Murrell's Inlet, was some of the freshest and best we have ever eaten. Oh, the fresh, meaty scallops and succulent oysters we ate and purchased along our way in the Coastal Carolinas! We ate them freshly shucked, fried, and in a stew of our own creation, Oysters Rockefeller Soup (recipe coming soon). Our soup was appallingly rich and delicious! We were happy not to share.

We also attempted a Low-Country Boil, which was hearty and warming.

Low-Country Boil

Harry Fly Taylor, our new dog: The big guy is a real beauty and is turning out to be a such good boy…with lots of energy. LOTS! Using many treats as a bribe, he has finally leaned to come when he is called and now we don't need them - he is voice leashed. Getting him to go in the ocean with Uncle Sully did not go as well. Many times over the summer we led him to water, Bernie, Sully and I waded in… all to no avail, he preferred to stay on the beach, eat sand and bark dire warnings at us.


Dancing with Giants: The Cameron Museum of Art is an excellent small museum. James Grashows's installation of cardboard dancers was a special delight…we got a little carried away here.

The heat of August found us in St. Louis, where Tony Lewellyn, a campground neighbor, helped Bernie earn his Pit Master Certification. It was earned by drinking lots of beer and smoking 30 pounds of juicy, fatty pork - Tony's recipe and teaching were fabulous.

Clydesdale Horses: I admit it, I love a "Star Sighting." With that in mind, we decided to visit Grant's Farm in St. Louis. It is the retirement home for many of the gorgeous Clydesdale horses who pull the iconic Budweiser Beer wagon as well as the stars from the Budweiser Beer Commercials. The actors and the pullers are not usually the same horses. It is also home for the yearlings - kinda like the NFL Combine for the rookie horses who are trying out for the hitch team.

Jake, the Clydesdale star of 2013's Superbowl Commercial.

We met Jake, the star of 2013's Superbowl Commercial. You know, the one where the handler raises the tiny, baby Clydesdale from birth until he goes off to help pull the BIG wagon. Watch it, it's a tearjerker.                                                                                                                                                                    

Zaha Hadid and 21C Museum Hotel: On a chilly afternoon in late October, we decided to check out the Contemporary Art Museum in downtown Cincinnati. The gallery is housed in the first Zaha Hadid designed building built in the United States. The curving wall and angular staircases leading to the galleries were pretty neat. Best of all, in one of the galleries was a large video work by William Kentridege. I sat and watched his compelling moving images over and over again.

Zaha Hadid and 21C Museum Hotel

After, Zaha and William it was time to go next-door to Hotel 21C, order a couple of cocktails and stroll through the hotel's two floors of contemporary art galleries. It was very romantic sipping and toasting the beginning of our 6th year on the road amongst all the contemporary art.

1 The star of Castle, Nathan Fillion, previously starred as Mal Reynolds, captain of the spaceship in the science fiction cult classic, Firefly

2 President Palmer's super evil wife on the first season of 24

Love reading about your adventures s d travels. I like Castle too :-)

A hug for Harry


Glad to hear you are still enjoying life. Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional ;>)


Not going to be at Frank and Abby's Christmas Party this year???? What's up with that? Will miss you both. Thanks for your road memories.

Cindy S

Harry Fly looks to be a very cool "road warrior." Sure hope I get to meet him one day. (Hey Sully, I'm not forgettin' 'bout you.) I sure envy you guys traveling where and whenever...

Don't forget to stop in KC and visit.

Marty W

You two are lucky indeed!


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