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Year round walking in Central Park
We still miss walking in Central Park every morning in all kinds of weather. Every day was different  and brand new.

On a recent visit to New York I found that several people did not know our dog, Frida was gone. We sent the old girl (almost 13) to that great off-leash park in the sky in February of 2010. She was a game girl and a loving and funny companion.










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Maybe I Can Never Go Home - Except in Old Drawings...

November 10, 2011

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It wasn’t easy to leave New York 2 years ago and now visiting NYC last week, for the first time I felt like a tourist. The crowds and construction were everywhere and almost unbelievably, the noise and press of humanity was a shock to my system. The streets and sidewalks were full and pushy as always, but this time it did not give me a thrill... a sense of accomplishment to reach my destination thru the morass.

Across the Turtle Pond to the Castle

Open Vistas: Across the Turtle Pond to the Castle

I walked through Central Park three times in the two days I was in the city. A recent storm had downed many trees and timber-jacks were hard at work noisily chain-sawing and machine mulching the trees and branches that had fallen everywhere. The Marathon was to happen in a few days so lots of preparations were busily underway. Roads were blocked, chain saws were screaming, and speaker systems were blaring out their speaker tests. It was still beautiful, just not like those quiet autumn mornings a few years ago when we would walk for miles in the early morning hours when the dogs were allowed off leash.

I used to love to walk and draw in the park. This drawing is from the other side of the Turtle Pond on the path leading up to the castle.

From the other side of the Turtle Pond on the path leading up to the castle.

I even tried making some mono prints from my drawings. This is from the trees around Cleopatra’s Needle. It is a print and the ghost, all enhanced with colored pencil.

From the trees around Cleopatra’s Needle. It is a print and the ghost, all enhanced with colored pencil.

While there, I caught up with an old friend and we visited the deKooning Retrospective at MoMA, Once inside the museum with her, I felt at home for awhile. Since no photographs were allowed, I remembered this photograph I took a few years back looking down on the Sculpture Garden from the second floor of the museum. I believe the friend will always be my friend and art will always be there for me.

Sculpture Garden from the second floor of MoMA

When New York City was home, I  did a lot of drawing around the city as well and whenever I could get a seat on the subway, I would try to subtly draw the faces around me. I drew on Post-It Notes, sketchbooks, receipts... If one person left, I would just combine the face with the next one that came along. This is a collage of a couple of those quick sketches. There is also a graphite sketch... It was a delayed train, and the two people are real.

Subway Faces Graphite sketch... delayed train, and the two people are real.

The drawing of the woman in the black coat is a lady I saw almost every day in our  building and around the neighborhood. The notes on the sketch are about how little I knew of her in spite of the ten years we were acquainted. She was almost no more than a shadow passing on the street... a street full of many passing shadows.

She was almost no more than a shadow passing on the street A street full of many passing shadows

I think I’ve become one of the passing shadows now; just someone who once lived in Manhattan for almost 20 years... I am gone now. Once in a while, out here on the road I think about living in that exciting city, I can hear it whenever I listen...see it when I close my eyes...

Anyway, at times I liked to draw the city and mess with the drawings on my computer, other times I drew my friends and just kept on adding pieces when I could.

Cityscape, sketch and digital

When there was time, I liked to go draw at a Michael Alan Living Installation.  Michael’s installations are a mix of nude bodies, music, action painting on humans, live theater in slow motion, lights, collage, living sculpture... Making, evolving... To be with Michael on show night is to drown in organic, heaving, living art. 

Leaving home to go home again, I sat in a coffee shop on 7th Avenue waiting for my bus, and finally finished this technical pen piece I started in an airport over two years ago. It is called WAITING.

WAITING: technical pen piece I started in an airport over two years ago.

Peg's romantic reaction to the return to NY is so heartfelt  - one is envious!


Thanks for posting your art work!  I download them, so I can have them forever!


Peg, you did seem a little overwhelmed by the hubbub this time...but it did get you inspired to put a lot of your work up.

Kudos!  I think doing what you're doing now suits you to the T and not everyone could pull that off.  Happy Trails.


What can I say?  I am breathless. You are most creative! Calli is lucky to have some of your genes.

I have had my ups and downs with NYC, but still love to visit and roam with Timo, who is a living history book.


Wish you were here so I could hug you and Bernie! Amazing art, startling thoughts...lovely study of Norma. There's a hole in our building... it was once overflowing with Peggy & Bernie...miss you.

Just made a spiced apple/pear pie, want some?

Bob & Jimmy

Bob and Jimmy, well now I'm sad. I really want some of your spiced apple/pear pie. Why don't you just drop on down hear to Nashville and knock on our camper door with a plate of home-baked delights like you did when we were in 1E.  We would settle for just you two. Thank you.

Peggy, I love seeing so many of your drawings, prints, etc!! Also great hearing how it feels to be in NYC once again now that you are no longer a resident.  Big question, what is a face freeze?? We just got back from Turkey - fabulous! Hope to see you at the Carpenters in December.


Cindy, I call it a face freeze when my dermatologist takes his magic laser wand and zaps every face freckle I ever had in order to kill the pre-cancer cells that are lurking there. It freezes them, but it feels like burning. This time there was a small tumor along with the usual spots. I whimper a lot during the process, then hide for a few days till the skin heals. It doesn't really hurt much and I like the doctor very much. I know, DQ.


Great pics and drawings Peg. Come back and see us in the ATL. Love NYC to visit, but wouldn't want to live there. lol 


WOW!!! I really enjoyed this journal page! Mrs. Peg, All I can say is that YOU ARE AWESOME, UNBELIEVABLE, AMAZING, FABULOUS, PERFECT, BLESSED!!! From YOUR #1 FAN IN SOUTH LOUISIANA!!!


I loved seeing these wonderful drawings. I've never stopped missing our yearly visit in New York when I would come for the Bib Society. Such good times!


I spent one year living and working in NYC and could not wait to leave. Last evening I was in Bethesda and Silver Spring during rush hour and it is now far worse than NYC in '63. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to live like that.

Head for the hills girl :>)


Fabulous reflections and artwork!


Can we see one another somehow? Sorry about the culture shock and face freezing.


I do not miss the city at retirement, go to casino in Jersey once a month & lovin it. Hope you and bernie are doing well. Yes if you are interested i started the super bowl pool once again.   

Love you both


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