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Three Weeks in Wonderful Rochester

October 22, 2010

Friday, a week ago, we finally arrived in Buffalo, NY having gotten there by a rather roundabout way (see earlier postings). Again, for the record, we left our home in Manhattan on November 2, 2009. At our current rate of travel we should reach Grand Portage, Minnesota sometime in 2014. 

Before coming to Buffalo we spent three weeks in Rochester, NY. Rochester is wonderful, and if you like waterfalls, apples and beautiful old buildings - it is spectacular! And as we had hoped, there was rust. At last RUST! We really had arrived in the Rust Belt! ...and we were still not in Buffalo.

Yes, there she is, all rusty and sitting in the middle of a field on Gulf Road south of Rochester. For those who care, she is a Marion Steam Shovel of the type used in part to dig the Panama Canal. ...and for those of you who really give a damn and love the book, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel. That shovel's name, Mary Anne was taken from the Marion Steam Shovel and Dredge Company of Marion, Ohio.

Marion Steam Shovel

Rochester Rust Triptic

But there is much more to Rochester than a big beautiful steam shovel, rusting in a field. It is a beautiful city.

From the Jell-O in nearby Le Roy to the Fishermen on the long jetty at Ontario Beach to the Grand Canyon of the Eastern United States; these are our Rochester Area Highlights.

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