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"Jell-O again"

... Jack Benny

If you ever get to LeRoy, New York, be sure to visit the Birthplace of JELL-O...a sort of Mecca for gelatin fans. A few days ago we did just that, and it was definitely all we could have hoped for and more. Our guide, Ruth Harvie* promised us she would thrill and amaze us with facts about Jell-O, and indeed she did. Most fascinating of all, and you gotta wonder who did the scientific testing, is the fact reported below.

Jell-O Brain

jELL-o AND Bill CosbZsa Zsa Gabor and Ron HowardIn the back of the advertising history and Jell-O mold filled museum was a tiny old TV running a tape of all the old Jell-O commercials. Mostly Bill Cosby, but also Zsa Zsa Gabor and Ron Howard. Some of the walls had Bill Cosby wallpaper. There was a cute little gift shop with some tasteful tee shirts, and other Jell-O merchandise, however there was no Jell-O to buy or sample. Bernie and I left culturally enriched, but with a strong desire to get some lime Jell-O and attempt some Margarita Jell-O shooters when we got home.

Jello Cut OutFound this recipe on line

Mix the Jell-O powder with the boiling water until the powder is fully dissolved and then add the booze. Pour the mixture into either shot glasses or paper cups. Shot glasses are more attractive, but the paper cups are easier to eat from. Just squeeze and suck slowly until it comes into your mouth.

This is a perfect drink for me...I don't need to worry about spilling. It is also charming to open the refrigerator and see a tray of little shooter size glasses filled with green alcoholic Jell-O shots.

There is one caveat: Don't fill the paper cup any bigger than your mouth unless you want to accessorize your outfit with green slippery stuff. Jell-O shooters really function as little sweet nip to go with your afternoon tea or even instead of tea. Sort of an energizing beverage and sweet nip all in one.

And yes, gelatin/Jell-O is still made from boiled bones, connective tissues, and intestines of animals.

Museum of Jell-O

Roy Rodgers, Dale Evans and all their kids did a Jell-O pudding commercial in the early 50s and they all sang at the end.

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