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May 14, 2012

The other morning Calli and I were talking and saying good-bye for a while. She suggested that I write more about family and horses on the website because I love her and everybody there so much. "How about the Halcyon Horse Show? Why don’t you write about that?" "OK."

It is true, that part of life on the road includes flying back to see my granddaughter for a few days every eight weeks or so.

Since last I mentioned horse shows, Calli has changed stables. Her new barn, Broad Run Farm, is beautiful and a much, much better place for her to be. OMG, they even have heated tack rooms and bathrooms... so it is nice for me as well.

Of course nothing will ever be quite so lovely and easy as those days years ago when we hung out in the living room and watched Sprit: Stallion of the Cimarron  over and over and over again and acted out elaborate scenarios with her Breyer horses. Bernie and I would also take her camping in Maine and she would spend hours on the shores of Eastern Bay (just outside Acadia National Park) building elaborate landscapes where her horses could live and have brave adventures.

Our destination for this horse show, Halcyon Farm, is located about 10 turns from Route 15 north of Gettysburg, PA. Google maps was confused and we made a few wrong turns, but did manage to find it, and arrived on time at eight in the morning.  Lots and lots of horse trailers were parked about, there was plenty of grooming going on, and the air was filled with the beloved smell of horse. The fields were full of girls and women riding about in the required outfits... Tan jodhpurs, black or navy jackets, snap-collared long sleeved light shirts, black gloves and boots, leather garters and hair plastered under hair nets under helmets.

For this show, her barn had provided two grooms for the four riders entered in the events. Words cannot begin to describe how much easier this made the whole experience. Instead of constantly mucking stalls and tacking/untacking and washing horses, we were free to roam about the rings, pick up pointers and cheer on competing friends.

And while the day was not mint juleps, fabulous hats and the Run for the Roses, Liz made banana-chocolate-chip muffins and fresh fruit salad. Mark brought chairs for us to sit in. No standing in the hot sun for hours as in times past! We set up our base camp in the shade and proceeded to have a thoroughly great day. Not too hot, a gentle breeze and the beautiful hills of Pennsylvannia...all good.

It is now and will always be a terrifying thrill to watch Calli ride and go over jumps - especially the jumping part. Calli rides in Hunter Classes which reward calmness, style, manners and proper attire. It would seem, however that her current pony, Popeye, belongs more in a jumper class where boldness, speed and power are rewarded. As soon as the little devil goes over his first jump, he figures it is time to fly as fast as he can. "NO, POPEYE, NO! Popeye, this event is about perfection and grace, NOT speed!"

Calli and Popeye did not do well in their first hunter event, but made an excellent recovery and placed third in the large equitation event. In her final Hunter events she made reserve champion. (She was fine, but several of us were hiding sad tears and then proud tears as best we could.)

Even better than Calli's Comeback Kid showing is her new horse, Bella. She rode Bella for the first time on Sunday after the show and it appears by the grins on both their faces that they were made for each other.

Congrats.... Would love to see some videos of the rides.

Maybe when she comes to Calli.

Uncle Mikey

Oh I loved this! I know you are proud of her as I would be. What a lovely story, I definitely want more! I have to agree with Calli. Hope you all are having a great time. Miss you all.


Loved the horses, but Calli, the equestrian has my heart. Give her my love (we of the Sept. 20 birth date must stick together.)


I am sooo proud of her. way to go Cali - I truly admire your tenacity and your ability to communicate with your horses...and ALL your animals. You are a natural and i think the animals sense it. Truly proud of you - you are such a beautiful girl both inside and out. I admire your spirit. I guess adventure runs in the family! LOL

BTW, my dear sister-in-law,I'm going to make you write about my trip driving through Mexico! Greeting from Atlanta, Georgia - heading to New Orleans, now. Tomorrow, I'll be heading through Texas. Will be crossing the border on Friday!! 

¡Viva la Mexico!


Lovely pics and story about the horse show and the ups and downs.  Want to hear more about the partnership with Calli and Bella - hugs to all.


Hi Peg,

I loved reading about you n Calli n horse activities. But then I love hearing snout all yr experiences......variety....spice of life



Thanks for the update. 


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