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New Orleans: Redux

April 2011

The third time was the charm for us visiting New Orleans. We spent two warm and beautiful weeks just walking around the city. We camped at an RV resort (The word “resort” when applied to a campground usually means they have a swimming pool and a hot tub on the property.) at the edge of the French Quarter in Treme. Of course it was also located next to the mule stables where the mules for the “horse” drawn carriage rides are quartered. Again, wind direction played a key part in our pleasure. (Truth be told, I love the smell of equestrian barn in the morning!)

Jackson Square, Cafe Du MondeEarly each day, we were able to walk for coffee at the famous tourist attraction, just off Jackson Square, Cafe Du Monde. (Famous because the coffee with chicory is divine as are the hot fried beignets in a sack of powdered sugar.) Happily loaded with our coffee and three bags of 3 beignets (Third bag for Sully) we would then take our cups up on the Mississippi levee and sit and watch the ships going up and down the river and the panhandlers plying the tourists.

After that, we would walk around the neighborhoods.

High walls, iron gates, shuttered windows and iron gated passage ways; Behind which, when something remained open, we saw a giant Great Dane, a pack of tiny Yorkies,  pink and lavender petunias tumbling from hanging baskets and buckets on the ground... a naked man sunning himself... masks and decorations from Mardi Gras, an old couple drinking coffee... musicians practicing, several St. Francis statues in a tiny gardens, Rot and decay and boarded up windows and doors from Katrina...

Evening walks brought sights of another type: Looking into establishments of the night there were dancing ladies and gentlemen in scanty attire on stages and bar tables, girls carrying trays of shooters, bands blasting, clutching their Hurricanes tipsy tourist flowed down Bourbon Street. No brown papar bag needed here.

Doors of New Orleans

In shop windows there were the most outrageous frocks, shoes and bags. How much glitter can be packed onto one little bodice? My 80’s fashion soul was calling out to me,  "Go for it, Peg.” That huge silver leather bag studded with pink Swarovski Crystals – it could be yours! Again! Those open-toed turquoise 5 inch, stacked heel wedgies with the straps and laces that wrap to mid flattering to the wearer... And that tiny mini- skirted animal print wrap dress... All for me! And then I saw my refection, wearing my own wardrobe essentials - a baseball cap and dark glasses, in the window right next to a long flowing hot pink wig topped by a zebra skin jeweled tiara.  “Oh dear,” I sighed, briefly contemplating my age and the amount of storage space in the motor home and moved on to the "Take home the taste of New Orleans " gift shop and bought a large box of individually wrapped pecan pralines and three cans of Cafe Du Monde coffee with chicory. I am enjoying a cup of it right now. Ymmmm 

Mother Cabrini Dog Park in New OrleansWalking the dog has always brought serendipitous surprises into our lives. A trip to the Mother Cabrini Dog Park in New Orleans was no exception for there we met Dean Ramo, aka Lady Hope. He so liked a picture I took of him with his dog King Tiberius that he asked us to photograph a birthday drag show in his honor. Would we? Of course!

Clad all in boring black, but sans the baseball cap and dark glasses we photographed the whole show; from the “girls” getting dressed and styled to the grand finale. Even watching the divas transform themselves, I never once thought of them as anything but glamorous women. And as an added bonus I got a few tips on how to wear some of that fabulous bling clothing I had been coveting.

Divas performing at the Golden Lantern

Beautiful and charming Divas performing at the Golden Lantern. If you believe that your god made only red-blooded, manly white men and sweet, serving and obedient women, do not view this photo album. If, however, you like beautiful outfits, divine performers, and delightful people then, please enjoy. It was indeed fun and lovely.


Great pics! I love the French Quarter. I see you took a lot of pics on Royal Street. Great ones of Sully, and I love the doors. Did you get a chance to check out the cemeteries on Basin Street? Especially St. Louis Cemetery — go over and knock three times on the voodoo Queens grave right there as you walk in... I love you guys

Jay Andors

Finally taking a long slow look at your amazing photos in NOLA - so jealous that you could begin each day at Cafe du Monde with coffee and beignets for two whole weeks!  Divine.  Love the ladies and all the doors (a door, architectural junkie myself).  And, at long last thank you for the Varsity Grill shot on Facebook - one of these days I'll get there and enjoy my own chili dogs with slaw.

Cindy Shearin

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