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Bonus Feature

"A Rookie Mistake"
This frustrated Egret first gets beaten by a fish, then by a theiving Great Blue Heron! The alternate title might be 'Rookery Mistake'..... We shot this at the fabulous Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, SC










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They Are Among Us

April 10, 2014

Sometime back in the early 80s, I was sitting with my folks at a Fern Bar/Banana Boat type restaurant on the Inland Waterway in Florida enjoying a tasty pineapple rum drink. A big one, with a floating hibiscus in it. Our table was next to a large potted palm, and every so often I would sense movement behind me, but when I turned around there was nothing but a smallish palm tree trunk and a bunch of flowering impatiens in a large pot. Perturbed, I finally stood up to look around. With that, there was a resonating GWAK! a slow, deep flapping of wings, and a large great blue heron flew down from the deck and into the nearby reeds. Alighting elegantly, he fixed me with a hard stare from his prehistoric, piercing yellow eyes.

My scream was short-lived (though humiliating), but my awareness of the omnipresence of the Great Blues has survived to this day. They are everywhere...

Great blues are the break dancers, cat walkers and stealth bombers of any habitat they choose to grace with their presence. Watch for them! They lurk, skulk, glare and loom. The are fearless - but also fabulous dancers when they so choose. Standing over 4 feet tall, but weighing only 5 pounds and with a wing span 5-6 feet you'd think they'd be hard to miss.

working with graphite, pen and sumi ink with brush.

Practice, Practice, practice... working with graphite, pen and sumi ink with brush (click to enlarge)

Enjoy our video of a Great Blue committing an unspeakable crime!

...and a slideshow of 35 years of heron chasing...

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The beautiful forged steel heron sculpture is by Mark Puigmarti of Sparks Will Fly Forge.

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Sara C.

Yup! @placesnplatypie

They were ubiquitous in front of and behind my mom's place in Sunny Isles.

Right now I am trapped into videos which I cannot turn off.


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