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It’s Getting Biblical...

April 5, 2013

For 40 Days and 40 nights we have been at the Diamond K Ranch waiting for our grandhorse, Sally, to give birth to her foal.

The barren fields of February have turned green and crops are beginning to emerge from the furrowed fields.

On the 39th day, April 3, we marked her pregnancy at one year. That is a long, long time to be pregnant. Time enough for the yellow meadows of blooming mustard flowers to wilt and turn brown and the sweet almond tree blossoms to enfold us in a sea of pink before they dry and blow away...

It’s also a long time to sleep on my right side so I can watch the closed circuit TV camera waiting for signs that the birth is eminent. I have mastered the art of sleeping with one eye open and giving the screen the finger when I opened both eyes, only to see her eating and eating and eating. Sally, you’re killing me!

It is inconceivable that in just a few days, we will be driving over 3000 miles east to Ellsworth, Maine,  leaving our hearts and souls forever parked beside a flowering wisteria vine awaiting the birth of the foal who would not come!

Maybe we’ll stay a little longer...

Thanks for the Leroy update. He is a very handsome guy. I also enjoyed the cross-country trip in 2 minutes. Nice to go 3,000 miles on your lunch hour! Also, good luck with your Washington, DC endeavor and may you become one with your trout!


Birth and death are dramas we can never really fathom. Like the nature that is now bursting to life in California. I hope the baby arrives soon, also that you have a good trip back east.

Much love.


Grandhorse. Hehe. I can’t imagine being pregnant for that long—torture!


In reponse to the inducing a mare, No they can't. The foal must be in the correct position for the mare to deliver it. Front feet with the head nestled between. A breach requires surgery to save the mare, the foal would be dead. I like the Watched Pot theory. We expect Sally to deliver when her watchful gaurdians can no longer watch and have to proceed to their next destination.

There is a saying about foaling.... "The Foal determines the date of birth, the Mare, the hour."

Well, little unborn foal... IT'S TIME!!!!

Kate a.k.a. Sally's Mom

Wow, that is epic alright. Great pics as always; I'm enjoying the Rust Belt series, too.


Karen I have been so happy to have you both at the ranch please consider us and extended family and always feel free to stop by with your rig plug in and Enjoy one of our beautiful sunsets.

I will be down over the weekend but I understand you may be moving on moseying down the road.

Vaya con dios Amiga

Until we meet again


Such electric anticipation of the deep spiritual beauty, and to SEE Gods Miraculous Blessing arrive, is far beyond my feeble attempt at words to touch the surface let alone describe. I have been praying since the day I heard the news! My prayers are now at full volume from my heart and soul making sure Our Lord and Heavenly Father hears me even better that this baby come safely and healthy into our world today. We are humans but He Created us and He loves us and keeps His Promise to provide our NEEDS. The foal is Wanted Desired Dreamed of and everyones Long Awaited Gift God brings. Mama and foal are molded of those same Hands that made us. Think and live and pray only in Today and say out loud to God "Thank You for ALL You bring to me Today." Look to the Heavens as you do so and He already knows you mean it with all of your being. His Love and Mercy for us Never leaves us. All He asks if us is to Thank Him each Today for everything He brings no matter how our minds perceive it. I hope you are okay with my Ministry of Heart Soul and Mind rising so high. All Life is Precious as it is The Greatest Gift and Miracle He Gives us except that of the sacrifice of His Son Christ Jesus. I love you and Bernie so much already and I am standing next to all of you in excited breathless heart pounding support. Wish I could be present at the foaling. Life entering into our midst is Amazing. Love you Peg. Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful Bernie and yourself with me. I cherish this - my special Gift from God! Name


Reminds me of waiting for John's birth - 3 weeks after the due date they induced labor. Can or do they do this with horses? You have been very patient but I guess it's like the "watched pot" never boiling.



You may never leave, if you get the rush of joy and love I expect you'll have when that critter makes her debut. Janice Carr, my neighbor here, bought a horse last year that turned out pregnant, and her delivery was a couple of weeks ago, a big colt. She tells me she is just filled up with joy and love like never before, and now spends her weekends watching it learn about the world, and sharing it with her granddaughter. You're lucky to be in on such a miracle!


What's the problem? Doesn't your ark have a way to empty the loo?

In re lengths: You COULD be waiting for an elephant calf!

Happy colting (NOT Colting!)


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