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March 31, 2009

Travels with Sully: The Co-PilotOver the past thirty years our dogs have truly enjoyed being on the road with us. It is hard to imagine life without a collie or two to step over. Ever since the late 70s when we traveled in a small Open Road van conversion, there has always been a collie or two along for the journey. Before our somewhat space challenged apartment here in NYC we lived in a pleasantly large townhouse in Washington, DC. But even there the dogs (Bruce, Danny, Lady, Bunny, Ansel, Georgia [not all at once]) chose not only to be in the same room with us, but to lie either in the doorway or under our feet. A future in a medium-sized camper with two large dogs will not be a challenge for us. Plus it will keep us agile and help us maintain an exercise regime of walking several miles a day.

The pups do like to take in the sights, meet and greet the people, and enjoy the activities. (10 photos)

Dogs in Action

Traveling with two blue collies also means we are never lonely. So many people stop to ask us about them and to share memories of their own childhood with a Lad or a Lassie. Sometimes when are walking around new areas people invite us, well really our dogs, in for a beer or a soda...even to share in a cook-out. It’s nice. The dogs help make every place we stay for a while feel like home.

Collars and tags are always on them when we are on the road and we keep a bowl of fresh water in the shower. Frida likes to travel under the table in the booth while Sullly likes to hang on the couch and look out the window.

We are interested in great places to take our dogs. Any ideas or suggestions...please send them along. Thanks