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The Day I Became a Sexless Old Crone

March 17, 2016

Sonora Desert Museum

There are a lot of snowbirds wielding canes and wheelchairs along the pathways.

It was a few days before Valentine’s Day and I was drawing at the Sonora Desert Museum1 outside Tucson, when I came to the sorry realization that I had become officially old.

First a young woman, my daughter’s age, told her little boy, "Be careful of that old man, He is trying to draw!" Man? Me? Look again! I’m still a babe!

Then, a short while later, after I had helped two people in wheelchairs and their, I assume, spouses through the double doors to the Hummingbird Aviary, I was brought up short again. A lovely little girl had been standing beside me, quietly watching me draw for several minutes, when her parents spotted her and told her to, "Move away, or the lady will get mad." I tried to explain that I was extremely "kid friendly", but they would have none of it. "Most people your age are not very nice," they explained.

So, if you see me sitting and drawing somewhere, please, come on over. I always carry an extra sketchbook with me to share with you. Maybe we can have a glass of wine together later.

Standing and drawing reptiles and amphibians - Micron pen, watercolor, hand carved rubber stamp, 2 museum stamps, colored pencils.

(click to enlarge)
Standing and drawing reptiles and amphibians - Micron pen, watercolor, hand carved rubber stamp, 2 museum stamps, colored pencils.

Micron pen, watercolor.

(click to enlarge)
Micron pen, watercolor



1 If you love creatures and botanical things, the museum/botanical garden/zoo is a lovely place to draw.

LOL! Love your art work....and the annotations.

Good luck with the transition.

Bob & Jimmy

Oh nooooo - you are NOT a sexless, old crone - you are still a babe and you (and the rest of us) just have the misfortune to live in a country that completely rejects the reality of aging, growing old and has little respect/regard for older persons. I have dabbled in Buddhist teachings lately and am striving to "embrace" all that my aging body does/is and be grateful for each day. Forget about the insensitivity of these folks - they are simply afraid to age. You ROCK, my dear artist and friend.


I love you Mama, no matter what!

xoxo - Son (in-law)

Peg - I still believe you are a babe! Your pictures still show you as a beautiful woman.

Barbara H


Today and seeing your lovely sketches, reminds me to put out the beautiful one you did of maybe Ireland.

I have had it on display in the glass cabinet but today I am giving it center stage on the table as you walk in the door......next to the Irish flower arrangement.

When I see it, I take a nostalgic trip back to the old sod.


Peggy & Bernie!

Hey did you get my email I sent way back? Just wondering. Where are you now? Hope things are good. We're headed to Austin next week (still in Big Bend). Any chance you'll be in the area?

Peg, I'd like to use some of the discussion we had in an article. Any chance I could use some of the photos of the pups? Please let me know.


Rene & Jim (LiveWorkDream)

Welcome to the club! It's always a shock "to see ourselves as others see us!"

However, my mirror confirms the reality of gaining wisdom over beauty! It's one of life's trade-offs, and it is certainly better than the alternative!

I so enjoy your blogs, and your drawings! Keep them coming!

Nancy C

I keep saying I ain't there yet, but who knows....


Peg - Don't worry we all feel that we are 21 in our minds. I am constantly reminded that I am an old guy from my kids but I say screw it and go back to my vision. You are only as old as you let your mind tel you you are. I am still a rocking 20 year old in mine. You are the youngest spirit I have met in many years and quite an accomplished artist so own it and rock on.


Well, I would say those two people might be Trump supporters, blind and ignorant. I look forward to drawing and having a glass of wine with you!


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