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How Tupac Shakur Bought Us a Free Fabulous Brunch and Other Food Stops We Made in Atlanta

Armed with a few recommendations from friends we went out to eat more than usual while we were in Atlanta. Had some good food and found the best liquor store I’ve been to outside New York City. Actually, it was even better because the prices were about half what they are in NYC. Glittering in the light, there were more kinds of Vodka than I had ever imagined. Since the queens of the tasty little vodka drink in Cleveland I have been looking at those bottles of clear stuff with new eyes. (Will need to save the bottle of caramel vodka we finally found until we hook up with some fresh apple cider.) Anyway the Smoke Rise Bottle Shoppe was like a Toys R Us for for cocktail creators and lovers.

Lots of friends gave us recommendations for good places to eat, and we found a few ourselves.

8 Places we ate in Atlanta

How We Got the Free Food

Back in 2001 we saw "Up Against the Wind" at the New York Theater Workshop. Since then we have kept our interest in Tupac Shakur and the meaning of his life. That said, it was no surprise we went out of our way to locate the Tupac Amaru Shakur Peace Garden with his Bronze Statue. The statue, near Stone Mountain,  portrays 2Pac as a 60 year old minister carrying a bible. Next to the garden was the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts.

That Center was so much fun to visit. Lots of good, and some really good art – All Iconic images of Tupac. Two beautiful young men were dancing... 

Carlos Coleman, the director was generous with his time, the space and sharing his ideas with us. Just before we left he wondered if we might photograph a Mardi Gras Buffet for him at Copeland’s Restaurant. He was holding a fundraiser to highlight  the many creative talents of 2Pac and how he continues to inspire others around the world. As a practical consideration, Carlos wanted to promote the food to bring more people to the event the center was sponsoring. As we try to always do, we said yes.

You see, NOW we are getting to the free buffet.

If you know me, you know how I like my sweets. That would be pecans all over the French toast... and yes I had one of each.On Superbowl Sunday we did photograph an absolutely huge and scrumptious looking buffet at Copelands-Atlanta. There were long buffet tables,  a salad bar, meat carver stations, a tower of desert choices and a chocolate fountain. It reminded us of the old buffets at Congressional Country Club outside DC. Only the Ice Swans were missing.

We finished, packed up and started loading the rental car. What? Not eating? Two second debate, let’s go back in and treat ourselves to a fabulous Superbowl Buffet, then we can just drink beer and eat chips during the game. After we had filled our plates for the second time, the manager came over to our table and insisted on comping everything.

Thanks, Jim and thanks 2pac.