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I, Sully, Tour Atlanta

February 3, 2011

Dear Doggie Diary,

SullyToday is the day my staff, Bernie and Peggy, promised to take me on my own very special tour of Atlanta. First thing this morning we made a quick stop at Sublime Donuts for a nourishing breakfast. I was not allowed inside, but I was brought a lovely Cinnamon Sugar Holy Delight. Peg and Bernie feasted on Red Velvet Doughnuts with Cream Cheese topping and an Orange Dream Star. No plain cake or simple glazed donuts here. This is Sublime's really fancy donut menu.

They even have donut art and donut literature!

Dontu art and literature

After breakfast we headed for Piedmont Park, where there is an enclosed dog run the size of a couple of football fields below the Park Drive Bridge. I felt totally at home in the park...the original design was created by the Olmsted Brothers, pre-eminent landscape architects of the early 20th Century, (and sons of Frederick Law Olmsted). It seemed just like Central Park in NYC.

After a GREAT frolic in the dog run we walked around the park and lake and then drove over to the Folk Art Park on the Courtland Street Bridge. Well, woof... I just can't say that I liked it all that much and I am ALL for the folk/outsider art. Maybe it was the hot sun, maybe it was the emptiness, maybe it just wasn't all that. However, I did meet Marvin who used to deal at Foxwoods in Connecticut who LOVED me. He was pretty cool.

Since it was warm enough, we headed over to Centennial Olympic Park. This park has a series of waterfalls and pools that cascade down thru the site. But the COOLEST thing was the Fountain of Rings. My fans there must have know I was coming, for I was unable to escape for any private meditative time of my own.

The final stop of the day was a visit to Lord Dooley, the skeleton mascot of Emory University. Once again, as a BIG DOG on campus, I was mobbed with coeds seeking my affections.

It's tough being so handsome, but I just cannot say "No" when someone hands their camera to Bernie or Peg and says, "Can you take my picture with your dog?"


I  enjoyed the dogs eye view of Atlanta, and reading Peggy's eye on the world too! 

Thanks, jessie

I love the Sully Day Out video.  He is such a good boy!!!!!!


Loved viewing the video.  Sully is quite the man about town!


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