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Several of you sent decor suggestions...

January 21, 2009

Decoration the Camper

When I sent out the pictures a few weeks ago it seems I left the impression that we would be leaving NYC soon. Not true. We are thinking we may be ready to start out about a year from now.

When I posted the pictures of the new camper I asked for decorating suggestions. There were a few suggestions... Thank you.

More ideas and fun suggestions for this bland decor, please. We need them. Bernie is all obsessed with wind and solar power and I am trying to figure out where my art supplies will go.

OK, it is a little bland so please, we need more ideas.

Responses So Far:

"It's a beautiful machine." TH 

"Tell Frida to get used to it.  The tiles will be a LOT easier to clean and maintain." JC

"Will there be a housewarming"? JC

"I would stand in front of that giant shell in the shower like Aphrodite every day. I think you should paint little cupids on the side of it to make it complete!" KC

"...hopefully we'll meet up in some interesting locale...DF

"I say go with Karin for any design ideas.... "LD

"Don't leave your 'cobalt blue' collection behind. That will add color and class!"  MC

"The aesthetic side of things would be a little hard for me, but you could always bring some color in there...  BTW carpet tiles - FLOR is maybe what you want to look into." KB

"Some blue decorative details would be nice." LS