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POD: Pictures of the Day 2014
A Loopy Year

January 15, 2015

Once again, it’s time to share our annual "couplies" (selfies with two people). We didn’t get very far in 2014 - we drove an endless loop between Wilmington, North Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina, Lexington, Kentucky, St. Louis, Missouri and Washington DC.

The call of the family equestrian competing along with the needs of beloved friends kept us driving in a large circle. Once again, we failed to make it to the northern states. 2015! Montana! The Dakotas! Minnesota! or Bust?
Since there are fewer pictures of us than usual this year, we have decided to share the first picture of us ever taken. My dad took it on the 4th of July, 1955 at a place called Sherwood Forest on the Severn River near Annapolis, Maryland.

4th of July, 1955 at a place called Sherwood Forest on the Severn River near Annapolis, Maryland

I suppose the age difference is most evident here… Neither of us remembers this day, but 15 years later, as fate would have it, we met again almost exactly where this picture was taken.

We learned something this year. Like growth spurts, you go along for months and then suddenly there is an age spurt. One morning you just wake up and you are visibly older than you were the day before. This is true, I’m afraid we both have seen it… more than once… and you can see it here:

Again, if you posed for a picture with us, you will find yourself in this " Year in Two Minutes" slideshow. (Just pause anywhere to check it out.)

Can't believe it's been five years!! What a grand adventure. Seeing you, Peg, at the cross country in Poolesville was a highlight. Miss you and here's hoping you make it to the wild west in 2015.


round round getaround you two really do.


Awe-some!!! Happy New Year to you.


Happy to have been such a prominent part of another great year.  Thanks!

(2015 will present more of a challenge)


You're a blast.


Love It! Looks great!

Ryan F

Wow, what a great two minutes! Thank you for including us in your year. We would love to figure out a way to spend more time with you guys.

Love to you both
Dave & Sheila

I agree with Dave's comment! Need more time together!


Didn't see any "age spurts" in the photos. You both look the same as the day I met you 25 years ago. The spurts are affecting me, however. Awhile ago I looked closely at my face in the mirror, and screamed silently, "You are getting so old!" I am beginning to look more and more like my mother when she was old. And then of course the fat around the belly.... No more comment.

Happy trails to you both. As you probably know, my life is quite cloudy these days, but hopefully the sun will come out eventually.


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