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Roadside Virginia: 14 black & white photos

Farewell to Dan River Mills

1938: Statement from a Mill worker at the Dan River MIlls











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January 6, 2011, near Stoneville, North Carolina

We have begun our second year of traveling around the country in a non-Jack Kerouac manner. No driving 24/7 across the country to Laredo or California for us. We set off for Atlanta early on New Year's Day. Amazing, we had planned to leave New Year's Eve. Only one day behind this time. Late on the afternoon of January 2 we pulled into a campground on the Dan River near Stoneville, NC. A little over 300 miles in two days...a long distance record. (We spent the first night of the New Year in a Wal-Mart parking lot near Midlothian, Virginia.)

We are slow travelers not slow drivers, maybe we will go 100 miles in one day, but then we will sit by a river, or some big trees or the ocean for days, weeks sometimes even months. We look at our pictures, drawings and notes and sometimes the best we can come up with is, "that was a great Pink Drink Recipe* Roy had, let's try it."


...or "Why we never get very far"

Traveling from around Richmond, VA to Danville, VA and to the campground in the rain proved to be highly diverting. These are some of the things that caught our eyes and (Roadside Virginia: 14 black & white photos) slowed us down.

US Highway 360

Danville, VA

Danville, VA

We drive slowly because, beyond beauty, there is so much history just lying around beside old state roads and in the smaller shrinking towns of this country. Much is gone. We are left just asking questions and wondering. Google helps.

Living in New York CityLiving in New York City I was always conscious of so much going on all the time; thousands of people always moving, art, theater, marathons, flagship stores, subways, star-sightings, parades, traffic... EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW! Rarely could I see thru the morass to the history and events that had gone before. Sometimes I saw shadows of the past and there were the honorary street names to remind me of who made New York New York. Whenever I noticed one, I would think about what that person did... and of course that he or she must have lived here or died here...

My friend Leah was kind enough to take and send this picture of the sign for Isaac Bashevis Singer Boulevard (86th Street and Broadway). You can read about her history with Bashevis here at askingLeah.

*Roy's Pink Drink Recipe (More about Roy and his encyclopedic mind later)

**For those of you who are not familiar with it, a Bed-in-a-Bag is a completely matched bed ensemble that you can carry home in a matching bag! "Turn your bedroom into a master suite with just one purchase!" There are anywhere between 7 and 12 items in the bag.

...and it now reads "IMPORTED"


How long are you staying in Atlanta – just for the tailgating? Recommend Mary Mac’s Tearoom or the Colonnades for some good, Southern cookin’ if y’all stick around long enough!

Did indeed look at Roadside Virginia. We’ve driven from NYC to Atlanta so MANY times and the best we’ve done so far is to traverse the Blue Ridge Parkway. On the trip back from Christmas in Atlanta with my Mom and sister, we spent one night in Hiawasee, GA at Louis’ cousin’s house. The drive from Hiawasee up to I-81 was beautiful, going through the Nantahala National Forest, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Cherokee National Forest. But there never seems enough time….

We look forward to your pictures, and we dream!


Hey, Peggy and Bernie! Love the collie photos and glad to know you are southbound. In Atlanta, I'd go to the Varsity Grill – burgers, hotdogs, fries, etc. and they sell more coca cola than anyplace on earth I hear. I LOVE southern style chili dogs – chili and slaw and whatever else suits your fancy.

Love your black and white photos near/in Danville – especially the abandoned church. 


Did you go to Farmville?


I have cousins in Atlanta. Check out the midtown area and the great big public park.  It is the neghborhood that is most like our kind of urban. There is a Margaret Mitchell museum that is fun.


May 2011 hold many memorable adventures for you, Bernie and Sully.
Always a pleasure to stroll through Platypie.

Fabulous b&w images, very Ansel Adams.

Glad to know you're heading towards "warmer" climes.

David and I spent a wonderful week @ sea in the southern Caribbean.
Batteries recharged ready for 2011.

My best to you both.

-think I'll skip the pink drink and stick with red wine!

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