NOW: Ocala, Florida: You know you've arrived when the manager of the Waffle Shop asks to take your picture for his "wall of fame" board. Chopped Pecan Waffles with whipped cream and maple syrup.

THEN: Self-portrait taken shortly after we met. Since we knew our affair would never last, we wanted to remember each other.

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About US: Peg Callihan and Bernie Pobiak

Bernie and I met at a party in Sherwood Forest, Maryland on August 9, 1970. In the manner of the time, Bernie was playing his Martin 12 string and singing songs he had written. It was lust at first look for both of us.

Life is long.

We started vacationing in campers in the mid 70s and we always loved it and imagined ourselves endlessly traveling around the country. (Mike and Liz were not so crazy about it. They claimed we never fed them.)

Early Life on the Road

So, here we are 40 years later living full time in a 29' Winnebago Outlook. How did we come to this? Two sensible people who loved their life in New York City? I'm still not sure... I do remember we were returning to the city on the New Jersey Turnpike and one of us said, "You know, I think we could just keep on going." And the question was asked, "Why not?"

"What's keeping us from doing it?" The rest of the decision making process is pretty much a blur. We knew we could now stay connected and Bernie could run the business from the road.... Was there anything else? Does anyone remember how we explained it? So sometime in 2008 the decision was final.

We wanted a camper small enough to take us into neighborhoods and to park on city streets (especially in front of our kids' homes). Not one of those huge 40'+ behemoths you see lumbering along the Interstates towing a car. We settled on the 29 footer and you can see the work we did to turn the back bedroom into an office and art studio here.

Our plan is to just hangā€out in different parts of this country until we are ready to move on. This website and journal are about living in different places, what we see and do, RV technical issues, traveling with dogs, and of course what we eat. Yes, we love to eat; If it's good we will try to tell you about it (and include my "famous" food pictures ). We hope you will share your knowledge of PLACES that you have loved with us.

Finally people always ask us where we are going next. Usually we have a vague idea, but we are always open to suggestions. So please send us your thoughts and suggestions.