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RV Systems

Whenever we tell people we have been on the road with no other home for almost five years, many reveal that traveling on the road like us is "their dream." Now after years of rolling along, we feel qualified to share what we have learned about creating and maintaing a small, systems intense, movable domicile. We're not talking just basics here... U-UH, full 120 volt house power throughout, hi-speed internet, climate control and satellite TV in every room.

For those of you who have ever even contemplated traveling and exploring from a camper, this new section of our website is for you. (If the people in the films Lost in America, The Long, Long Trailer, and RV could have had our new website section, they would be cruising happily through this beautiful country.)

Part 8 Living in our Ark: Solar Power - Expanded
Good news: Bernie is a genius - he has figured out a way for us to deploy the flexible solar panels used on warehouses to give us solar power when we are camped out in the shade. We are so green these days.

The bad news is he is now looking into compost toilets. Nooooo...... shoot me now

Water and Sewage and Germs

Part 7: Living in our Ark Water and Sewage and Germs - Oh My!
The one you’ve been waiting for: SEWAGE! 

Making our RV a Home

Building Our Ark Part 6: Making our RV a Home
We have made a lot of changes to our trusty Winnebago, both large and small. They have all made life on the road in our aluminum box prettier and more efficient. Last week, we realized we had to change our tailgating plans. The "Polar Vortex" was coming and there are no open campgrounds in the Detroit or Chicago areas. Six weeks, freezing, without a full hook-up is not something we cared to do. So we have left Cincinnati and begun heading south.

Computing, Staying Connected, Entertainment, and Junk Mail

Building Our Ark Part 5: Computing, Staying Connected, Entertainment, and Junk Mail
There are times when we do enjoy going off the grid, but mostly as we travel around the country we are very well connected, at least in the techno sense...

RV Solar Panels

Building our Ark
Part 4: Electricity on the Go - Charging our Batteries

In Maybe we really do have, "Better Living Through Electricity." We enjoy house power even when we are boondocking. If ever you are considering traveling in a motorhome, having great electrical systems is a must.

Hydraulic Jacks

Building our Ark
Part 3: Hydraulic Jacks - Sleeping and Working on the Level

We like to be on the level, and the only way to do that is to have hydraulic jacks on the camper. Jacks are nimble, jacks are quick! Don’t take to the road without them.

On the road with Pen and Sketchbook

Building our Ark
Part 2: Converting the Back Bedroom into Our Workroom

For those of you who have ever visited us in our "Workroom", you must be wondering how we ever managed to fit all of that "stuff' into a small motorhome. Well, it's all on board here with us, and this is how we did it. 

Part 1: NEVER Buy New - and Other RV Choices

Building our Ark
Part 1: NEVER Buy New - and Other RV Choices

We feel qualified to make recommendations, because, to say the least, we arrived at many of our solutions through some pretty dramatic trial and error.


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