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May 22, 2010

Fountain of YouthFinally leaving DC, we spent the first glorious week of March out of the snow and freezing weather right on the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Sully hadn't noticed yet that Frida was no longer with us (She left us for the Great Central Park in the sky in January). The first morning I stepped out of the camper there was a bluebird on the dune fence right outside our door. Inspired by the great turnout of birds at our DC Blizzard campsite, we set up feeding for the local birds. Emerald Isle

Headed for Miami very slowly, we stayed at Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina. Great campground; the ocean on one side and a wildlife preserve and the Huntington Mansion on the inland side. The sculpture garden around the mansion was huge and lovely... with a very strong emphasis on naked boys hunting, riding, dancing and prancing. Tour a fun garden

After the gardens we traveled slightly more south to the Apple Store in Charleston and bought another 21" iMac, so now we both have one. It has taken me longer that I would have liked to become efficient with the new operating system and programs. Especially shifting between Aperture and Photoshop. Who cares if I can't use them? The two of them look so cool back in our workroom!

The Eisenhower Commission had a lot of work for Bernie, so instead of heading on to Miami we stayed near St. Augustine next to I-95 in the pouring rain for several days.

When his work slowed down a little we continued south to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Florida for five days (Yes, even Bernie likes the big cool birds and gators). The first night was spent reasonably close-by at the Walmart in Coco Beach; but then we found we could overnight on a causeway leading to a bridge under reconstruction near Titusville - much closer. We parked right on a little beach. There were lots of kite-surfers and birds to watch while we sipped our cocktails. The solar panels had generated plenty of electricity for an evening of TV watching and using our computers. Yes, we were energy independent! At least for those nights... very encouraging. We drove the long Black Point Loop 5 different times, twice with park guides. It was that good. Check it out.

And this will be the third place you can learn my new email address: