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Bernie and Peggy Experience a Four Month Delay...

March 20, 2010

I am pleased to report that Bernie and I are ending our fourth month “on the road” and that in spite of cozy living quarters and endless snow we are still together. It looks like we will remain so for fucking-ever. 

I told a lot of people that living in a motorhome was different…you were mostly outside and moving around in new places, so the limited space did not matter so much.  I am only somewhat chagrinned to report that we have not gone very far afield and certainly no new places. We arrived in the DC area late on November 2nd and have been here ever since. At first we moved back and forth between the Collector’s and Liz’s. We photographed a delightful manuscript and a large bound collection of Goya prints. 

While Bernie has worked on the Eisenhower E-memorial as part of the Frank Gehry site plan, I have enjoyed the life of a suburban grandmother, i.e. being a soccer grandmother, doting horse jumping fan, skilled Wii Mario Kart racer and kid chauffeur. 

Since mid-January we have been living pretty much at the Cherry Hill Park Camping Resort in College Park, Maryland, and we have been snowed in. I have done some ice and snow watercolors (both in and with), started feeding and photographing birds, and drawing tropical fish at the beautiful aquariums outside the laundry room. There are two huge tanks and they contain amazing fish on an artificial coral reef.

Early in January Calli, Bernie and I attended a moving ceremony in Baltimore where my sister-in-law Analy Pobiak became a citizen of the United States.

This slide show is about two minutes long. I hope I included a little something for everybody including my birdwatching friends.


Emerald Isle, North Carolina: On February 27th we finally left Washington DC and started driving south. We are now parked behind a sand dune looking at the ocean. I believe I may change to shorts