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Instagram Pinterest Twitter facebook So, here we are enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle in a 29' Winnebago Outlook motor home. How did we come to live in a camper? Two sensible people who loved their life in New York City. Now we travel from campground to RV park to boondocking at stadium tailgating parties or in the desert with joyful abandon. We call our [mobile] home "Maybe". We are slowly visiting places around the United States. On our continental USA-RV travels, complete with our dog, we follow the coast of this country, visit unique places, eat good food, and stay as green as possible with our four panel solar power array and tell you about it in this travel blog.

June 2016

Google Places and Platypie

Picture of the almost everyday

One of the first places we visited as we began our travels was Key West. We stayed almost two months on Blue Water Key, a former military base during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Where once rockets were aimed at Cuba there is now a luxury condo RV campground. We loved living there and walking around Key West. Now we look forward to returning after tailgating with the Miami Dolphins.

Bernie lounges outside Harry Truman's Little White House.
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Bernie lounges outside Harry Truman's Little White House.

Where we have been

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali- The Boy on the Cliff
We are hanging out in Washington DC this summer. We will be watching Calli ride her new horse-Maggie, seeing friends and family and I will be having Blue Light Therapy on my face and some other body parts. I plan to go out two or three times a week and draw some of my favorite places in DC. Yes, I will be wearing sunscreen, hats, long pants and long sleeves.
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Not Weird, But Albuquirky
In Albuquerque, it's a wind, wind situation... En plein air...Dust grit in my teeth and on my eyeballs Keep drawing. Faster. Stop being so neat! Easy to draw, hard to paint.
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George Manus, Metal Cutter, Welder, Artist

It’s ART, by George!
George Manus, Metal Cutter, Welder, Artist

If the wind is blowing 35 to 40 miles an hour for several days in a row, you know you are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Between windstorms, I stumbled upon an intriguing sculpture garden not far from where we were camped. And the best thing about it was the sculptor himself, George Manus. read more

Sonora Desert Museum

The Day I Became a Sexless Old Crone
You never know when a life-changing event is apt to occur. Attempting to draw hummingbirds at the Sonora Desert Museum, I had the unfortunate opportunity to see myself as strangers see me. I’m over it though. read more

Sunland Park Racetrack

Living Beside Sunland Park Racetrack
Almost Free

We are headed back East, but not before we try living "almost free" next to a race track in far, far West Texas. read more

Bureau of Land Management

Living Free on BLM Land...
where there is always live music nearby

Living free on public land can feel a bit third-world at times, but in fact our month here at Snyder Hill in Arizona has been one of the most interesting times we have had since we hit the road back in 2009.

Hidden amongst the rocks and scrub, musicians are all about us playing for the sun and stars. read more


2016 - Now in our 7th year, still out here, slowly traveling around the USA