Places and Playtypie YouTube Instagram Pinterest Twitter facebook So, here we are enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle in a 29' Winnebago Outlook motor home. How did we come to live in a camper? Two sensible people who loved their life in New York City. Now we travel from campground to RV park to boondocking at stadium tailgating parties or in the desert with joyful abandon. We call our [mobile] home "Maybe". We are slowly visiting places around the United States. On our continental USA-RV travels, complete with our dog, we follow the coast of this country, visit unique places, eat good food, and stay as green as possible with our four panel solar power array and tell you about it in this travel blog.

October 2015

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Tailgating schedule updated for 2015

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Picture of the almost everyday

Bernie and I have been making it a point to visit Presidential Libraries when we are close to them. (Although we keep passing the one in Yorba Linda, California by without stopping.) There was a large, almost reverent crowd visiting the Bush 43 Presidential Library on the Saturday afternoon we decided to tour the place. Lots of glossy verbiage without saying much would be our short review.

Visitors wait for the next 360 degree digital show to begin overhead
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Visitors wait for the next 360 degree digital show to begin overhead

Where we have been

Musings on Dreams Come True

Musings on Dreams Come True
I thought living on the ranch waiting for Leroy to be born was a long time. Not so much. Mike broke his finger rather badly back in March, and we have been living on the Diamond K Ranch ever since - 30 horses, a couple of cowboys, the owner, her daughter, 11 cats, two dogs, our two dogs and us. Little did I know how much I would come to love walking this beautiful water-deprived land. read more

Working Boat Lifts for 3 Months

Working Boat Lifts for 3 Months
Our travels came to a stop back in March when our son, Michael injured himself. Ever since, we have been living on small horse ranch with 30 horses, while Bernie works 6 days a week as a replacement for Mike’s right hand. read more

El Paso, a Painted Town
As an artist who never met a "white" space I didn’t want to fill, I belong in El Paso. A dusty, dun colored city, where the residents are attempting to cover the entire landscape with murals and brightly colored light sculptures. It’s in your face! Pretty means nothing. The brighter the better! Bring on the Roses! read more

Stalking the Wild Big Bird in Big Bend National Park
A Digital Sketchbook

The monkey on my back chattered away, "Don’t show anything." "Not good, not good..." This time, I put in my earplugs and went ahead anyway. Here is my first, short, on-line sketchbook...

read more

The Trails Grow Longer and Our Packs Get Heavier
Lonely, Far Away - Big Bend National Park

We return to beautiful Big Bend National Park only to learn that we are no longer as hardy or as tough as we thought we were. read more

The Pomtini

The History of Three Tasty Drinks, once again my sweet tooth answers the call Cocktails: Citrus! Ginger! Pomegranate! Not only do we love them, but we love to create "healthy" and "nourishing" versions of these alcoholic delights. read more

2015 - Five plus years and we’re still out here, slowly traveling around the USA