Places and Playtypie YouTube Instagram Pinterest Twitter facebook So, here we are enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle in a 29' Winnebago Outlook motor home. How did we come to live in a camper? Two sensible people who loved their life in New York City. Now we travel from campground to RV park to boondocking at stadium tailgating parties or in the desert with joyful abandon. We call our [mobile] home "Maybe". We are slowly visiting places around the United States. On our continental USA-RV travels, complete with our dog, we follow the coast of this country, visit unique places, eat good food, and stay as green as possible with our four panel solar power array and tell you about it in this travel blog.

April 2015

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Picture of the almost everyday

I had always thought of concerts as a place where young girls rave for young singers. How wrong I was. T. Graham Brown was appearing at the Stagecoach Ballroom in Ft. Worth, Texas and we decided to go - mostly because our friend Jake Hill was in the band. We had a good time watching grown-up cowboys and women enjoying themselves. Especially the women lovin’ T. They crowded around the stage, air-dancing with him, taking selfies and blowing kisses. I could-a would-a joined them. He was very charismatic.

T. Graham Brown at the Stagecoach Ballroom
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Where we have been

The Pomtini

The History of Three Tasty Drinks, once again my sweet tooth answers the call Cocktails: Citrus! Ginger! Pomegranate! Not only do we love them, but we love to create "healthy" and "nourishing" versions of these alcoholic delights. read more

Dan Flavin

Thorns in My Butt and Cement Blocks in the Weeds Chinati, The Mecca of the Minimalist World
Chinati and Marfa have become an A-list ART destination - much to the dismay of the old-timers in this tiny West Texas town. And from what I could overhear, on one of our visits to the huge installation, there were an awful lot of people who had no idea what they were doing in Marfa, much less Chinati. One gentleman wondered aloud if the 15 Works in Concrete were former sweatboxes left over from the fort’s stint as a German POW camp. read more

We’ve Come This Way Before: Driving West Across South Texas...
West past Del Rio, Texas the Chihuahuan Desert stretches for hundreds of miles. The land is empty yet full, plain and gargantuan - it has been calling us back. We've been gone almost ten years. The land has waited for us. read more

Water and Sewage and Germs

Urban Campground: Pecan Grove in Austin and Bill, the Ball Man
Back in the big, blue heart of Texas - Austin! Good music, good food, but most of all, good friends both old and new. read more


2015 -  Five plus years and we’re still out here, slowly traveling around the USA