Places and Playtypie YouTube Instagram Pinterest Twitter facebook So, here we are enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle in a 29' Winnebago Outlook motor home. How did we come to live in a camper? Two sensible people who loved their life in New York City. Now we travel from campground to RV park to boondocking at stadium tailgating parties or in the desert with joyful abandon. We call our [mobile] home "Maybe". We are slowly visiting places around the United States. On our continental USA-RV travels, complete with our dog, we follow the coast of this country, visit unique places, eat good food, and stay as green as possible with our four panel solar power array and tell you about it in this travel blog.

November 2015

Google Places and Platypie

Picture of the almost everyday

Walking Broadway
Recently the New York Times published Walking Broadway, the Long Way a photo essay by James Estrin. The photographs were some of the best I have ever seen. 

About 15 years ago we also walked Broadway with our first digital camera, a FujiFinePix 4700. It took 1.5MB photos and came with a 16MB Smart Media Card. Here are pictures starting on Lower Broadway near the Staten Island Ferry and ending up on Upper Broadway at the Harlem River. Somehow the midtown pictures have disappeared. 

Walking Broadway, the Long Way
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Where we have been

Around the Delta and the East Bay

Drawing Around the Delta and the East Bay
or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

On any given day last summer, you could find me sitting on my little canvas stool, roasting on the Delta/east side of the Diablo Mountain Range or freezing on the San Francisco Bay/west side of the mountains. see more

Living in our Ark, Part 8: Solar Power - Expanded
Good news: Bernie is a genius - he has figured out a way for us to deploy the flexible solar panels used on warehouses to give us solar power when we are camped out in the shade. We are so green these days.

The bad news is he is now looking into compost toilets. Nooooo...... shoot me now read more

#21 of 31 Stadiums: Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver Colorado
We’re back tailgating again. This time it’s with the Denver Bronco Fans at Mile High Stadium in Denver. We were a little surprised when Fox News arrived and asked to do a piece about us. They miked us up, followed us around for an hour and a half and interviewed us for a story to go with the NFL Game of the Week. Our fifteen minutes is over now, but their video is in our story. read more

Musings on Dreams Come True

Musings on Dreams Come True
I thought living on the ranch waiting for Leroy to be born was a long time. Not so much. Mike broke his finger rather badly back in March, and we have been living on the Diamond K Ranch ever since - 30 horses, a couple of cowboys, the owner, her daughter, 11 cats, two dogs, our two dogs and us. Little did I know how much I would come to love walking this beautiful water-deprived land. read more

Working Boat Lifts for 3 Months

Working Boat Lifts for 3 Months
Our travels came to a stop back in March when our son, Michael injured himself. Ever since, we have been living on small horse ranch with 30 horses, while Bernie works 6 days a week as a replacement for Mike’s right hand. read more


2015 - Five plus years and we’re still out here, slowly traveling around the USA