Places and Playtypie YouTube Instagram Pinterest Twitter facebook So, here we are enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle in a 29' Winnebago Outlook motor home. How did we come to live in a camper? Two sensible people who loved their life in New York City. Now we travel from campground to RV park to boondocking at stadium tailgating parties or in the desert with joyful abandon. We call our [mobile] home "Maybe". We are slowly visiting places around the United States. On our continental USA-RV travels, complete with our dog, we follow the coast of this country, visit unique places, eat good food, and stay as green as possible with our four panel solar power array and tell you about it in this travel blog.

January 2015

Google Places and Platypie

Picture of the almost everyday

Jerry World, otherwise known as AT&T Stadium, and the home of the Dallas Cowboys is really pretty neat. (Please don’t hate me for liking the hated Cowboys Stadium.) It is huge, filled with big artworks personally selected by the Jones family. The fan side of the complex resembles nothing so much as a really upscale mall - with almost no shopping but plenty of fan bars. We loved our "Art Tour" as well as hanging out on the field and in the dressing rooms.

Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror is an amasing piece. Here we are reflected in it.
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Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror is an amasing piece. Here we are reflected in it.

Where we have been

Water and Sewage and Germs

RV Systems Part 7: Living in our Ark
Water and Sewage and Germs - Oh My!
The one you’ve been waiting for: SEWAGE! read more


Pictures of the Day 2014

POD: Pictures of the Day 2014
I realize that everyone is doing selfies now, and yes, we’re still at it. Luckily, I married a man with a long arm, so we don’t need a “selfie stick” to include more than just one person in the picture. Enjoy! read more

AT&T Stadium Arlington, Texas

#20 of 31: AT&T Stadium Arlington, Texas
Freezing weather drove us south for the final tailgate of the season. We chose to visit the "hated'” Dallas Cowboys on December 21. The fans were welcoming, the aromas heavenly and the stadium was huge and filled with HUGE art. Years away from New York and Washington has weakened us. Not only did we have fun, but we ate and drank all that was offered... and still managed to take lots of pictures for the fans. read more

Great New Art Museum - If You Build It, I Will Come!
The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is surrounded by controversy. If you ever get to northwestern Arkansas, I suggest you visit... in fact, make the several hundred (or thousand) mile detour to see it. Walmart money or not, it is an evolving delight. There are several miles of art filled walking trails, a fantastic building, a very traditional growing permanent collection and forward looking exhibitions - great galleries, good to great art, knowledgable gallery attendants and good food and booze. It’s miles from nowhere, but go, you won’t regret it. read more

Five Years on the Road
The second of November we began our sixth year on the road. Yes, we are older, yes we are still silly and yes, we never want to stop driving slowly about the country. Our memories include smoking 30 pounds of pork, dancing with huge cardboard sculptures, being trained by our two strong minded collies - Sully and Harry Fly and eating lots of fresh seafood. Horses, there were lots of horses. read more

Thanksgiving Pumpkintini

Drinking Pumpkins
We slaved away in our test kitchens with many pumpkin flavored items, mostly alcoholic in nature, to bring you this delightful Thanksgiving Pumpkintini. Enjoy! read more

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